8 Best Free Music Download Apps For Android And iOS Worldwide


We all have an experience of dealing with the annoying ads when we try to download our favorite song from the music download sites.  For this reason, many of us have come to the decision that instead of using these  will now be downloading our favorite song directly from the music download apps for android and iOS. Not only does these apps provide freedom from the irritating ads but at the same time provides you an experience of downloading a huge number of songs without any interruptions. These provide you a great user experience and allows you to save Many of the songs to your playlist. Here I have for you the compilation of 8 best free music download apps for android and iOS.

Best Free Music Download Apps For Android & iOS

1.4Shared music


It is one of the most preferred apps when it comes downloading the music. Here you can find those songs which you wish to add to your playlist by downloading. You will find millions of audio files that you can easily download. To make it simple for you to search for your favorite song there are various genres available. This makes locating the song that you want a little easy. You simply need to select the required category of the genre and then you can download songs. Not only can you download but at the same time, you can also opt for directly listening to music right from your Android and iOS.

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Free music is all that we want and this is the desired channel through which we can meet our needs. The app provides a simple and lawful means to download the free music on your handset. The app is a house to more than nearly 7 million licensed free songs. You have a free access to all these songs. You just need to search for your favorite song and then select it. Doing this will automatically save the copy of the song by downloading it on your SD card.

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3.Sound Cloud


Yes, this is the biggest platform across the globe that offers free music that you can download on your Android/iOS handsets. In addition to having a wide variety of songs to offer for free, it also offers a distinct community of artists and listeners. This feature allows you an easy access to the fresh and trending songs. The app facilitates three subscription plans. These are Soundcloud Free, Soundcloud Go, and Soundcloud Go+. The free version of the app is quite a good to start as you will get an access to over 120 Million songs.

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Having a collection of over 40 million songs at its disposal the apps allows you to build your own playlists and store songs on your phone. The app offers you a clean UI and lets you play the songs without any interruptions by the annoying advertisements. The app over the period of time gathers the information about your taste and preference pattern and then facilitates the feature of allowing you to find and explore the new music that perfectly suits your preference pattern.

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One of the coolest app to download music on your phone is volify. Not only does it has a clean interface to offer to you but it is also user-friendly .here you will find the top 100 lists for all the nations. Based on the choice of your nation you can search for the music here. Also, you can search for the music in accordance to your favorite artists, DJ or remixes. You also have an option to create unlimited playlists and store unlimited songs in them that too free of cost.

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Anghami is a little different from the other apps as it allows you to have your own personal DJ to ameliorate the experience of melody. Here you can download songs without any limits. You can freely search for old and new music alike and also you can simultaneously download the songs that too free of cost on your Android or iOS device. Not only this, but you also have an opportunity to share your favorite music with your friends and family.

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 7.Music Mania


This app has more to do with laying focus on those who have unconditional love for music. This the app does in a little unique way by turning free music into a quiz. This quiz you need to play to get free songs. There are three modes in this music app. These modes are the Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, and Custom. In order to know exactly what amazing features this app has in store for you then you need to download the app today and have the first-hand experience.

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Yet another free music app is RockMyRun. This is distinct in comparison to the other ones in the list. The reason being, that this app is a creation for those who are fond of working out. It is an exclusive free music app for them. The app provides you a musical motivation while running or exercising. Here you will find a huge collection of energetic music which makes your body move. You will find RockMyRun being featured on LA Times, Time Magazine, New York Times, Rachael Ray Show and The Today Show. This app has qualified a test by EPARC which is a leading exercise research lab and boasts to enhance motivation level by around 35% and enjoyment of those who use the app.

All in all, listening to music might be your favorite leisure. However, I you need to pursue the pass time activity by having to pay for it or having to bound yourself then it becomes a less of leisure and a more of boredom. So, I am sure that with these apps that provide you the music without any condition that too free of cost will enhance your experience at listening to the songs. No extra purchases and no more waiting to get your favorite song added to your playlist. Enjoy these free music apps.




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