5 Most Important Apps That Can Help Your Small Business Grow


It takes great courage to start your own business. Be it on a large scale or a small scale there are certain things that you need. Starting with the basic fundamental of economic, like capital there is a lot more that you require. You cannot stick to the age old methods of going about doing things. You need to change. Now when there is so many appliances there are also several applications that can provide you a help. You can use these to ease your work and lessen your load. Here is a list of 5 most important apps that can help your small business grow. These are as follows:

1.Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Most -mportant-Apps-That-Can-Help-Your-Small-Business-Grow

Available for free, Microsoft Office can prove to be of a great help to you anytime.  Here we are grouping together Microsoft’s mobile Office apps. These apps include downsized versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel. These are the free apps that are known to run equally well on Android smartphone as well as tablets. These are almost as good as their desktop counterparts. However, one thing to be kept in mind is that these apps are optimized for the touchscreen devices. This makes available big, easy-to-tap buttons. In addition to this, they also integrate with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage platform. This one thing ensures that you have a back -up of your documents. Also, this syncs across all your devices. With all these benefits it can surely be placed in the list of most important apps that can help your business grow

2.Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Most -mportant-Apps-That-Can-Help-Your-Small-Business-Grow

This one is another app that is available for free. Google’s own collection is still the best productivity suite for Android smartphones. These apps come inclusive of word processor Docs, spreadsheet editor Sheets, and presentation maker Slides. Not only this, the Google’s apps have more and better features with a lot more cleaner, the more attractive interface in comparison to the competing office apps on the platform.  In addition to this, they offer better tools in order to insert tables, images, charts and other complex elements into your documents. These are comparatively more compatible with Microsoft Office files. All this provides you a seamless transition between your desktop computer and your mobile device.  Additionally, as you can edit offline now, therefore, you never have to worry about losing service anymore. Therefore, it can rightly be called one of the most important apps that can help your business grow.

3.Google Drive

Most -mportant-Apps-That-Can-Help-Your-Small-Business-Grow

At present, there are quite a few solid cloud-storage options that are available for Android. Among these few available options, Google Drive is our best pick. The reason being that this service comes built straight away into the operating system.  In a way quite similar to Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive, a few in the list, Google Drive allows you to store files and documents online. This implies that you have always a back-up. Not only this, but this back is always accessible from anywhere on any Android device. All that you require is an Internet connection. As an add on the advantage, Google Drive comes with integration with the Quick Office. You just need to sign in with your Google account credentials and then you get an access to all documents that you store in the cloud. To add, every edit you make in Quick Office will automatically back up to the Google Drive. All these benefits bag this app a place in the list of most important apps that can help your business grow

4.Microsoft Remote Desktop

Most -mportant-Apps-That-Can-Help-Your-Small-Business-Grow

Another app available for free is a blessing for those who have begun their own small business. this is again one of the most important apps that can help your small business grow. For those who own a small business, Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app is a good option. The app is not only reliable but also a secure way to connect remotely to your work PC using your Android phone or tablet.  Not only this but it is also a simple way to use your Windows applications anywhere and possibly everywhere. For instance, you can take an added advantage of the full desktop versions of Microsoft Word or Excel right from your smartphone or tablet in order to view and edit documents from anywhere. Thus, all these have secured a place for the app in the list of most important apps that can help your business grow.

5.OneNoteone note


Microsoft’s OneNote is available for free so that the small business owners can reap all the benefits. The app has a few advantages that overweigh the advantages provided by the competing note-taking apps that make it one of the most important apps that can help your small business grow. If you have just started then you will be happy to know that it has an easy-to-use interface. In addition to this, the other apps like Evernote may have more in-depth features however this one app is more user-friendly. Not only this, OneNote has several other advantages to offer. First and foremost, it automatically syncs all your notes to OneDrive. This further implies that you can back up everything which you can then easily access via the cloud. OneNote integration gives you several reasons to make it your favorite app because it works with your existing Microsoft account. This means that there is no need to create and maintain another account. OneNote works best with a stylus-equipped device. The example of this is the  Samsung’s Galaxy Note line. This means that you can draw diagrams and write notes by hand. Last but not the least, the app can even transcribe handwritten notes so that you can easily search for them later on.

All in all, these are the most important android apps for those who have their own business to manage irrespective of the fact that whether these are on a large scale or a small scale. You can avail all the comforts of running a business smoothly. with this, you must have realized that these are the 5 Most Important Apps That Can Help Your Small Business Grow. so you need to make a place for these on your device today.


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