Korean teaser Of Samsung’s Galaxy S8- A Great Hope For New Possibilities


Date of unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy S8

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Before unveiling the Galaxy S8 officially on March 28, Samsung has begun hyping it up. In south korea, it has released a 15-second trailer for the Galaxy S8. Korean teaser of Samsung’s Galaxy S8  demonstrates a little of the phone itself, a rejuvenating alteration in speed from the litany of leaks, rumors, and renders that were evidently seen of the device in gone by weeks.





It is powered by Qualcomm’s 10nm Snapdragon 835, note that it is the first phone to be so. The phone has enhanced VR chops in the form of 15ms motion-to-photon latency. Also, it has six-degrees-of-freedom for accurate motion tracking.

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The scenario of the trailer


The Korean teaser of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 features a man walking to a door that has the same basic contours of the Galaxy S8 as the trailer sets ablaze with a countdown to the number 8. Behind the door there lies an outer space that is filled with rocks whizzing around. This can be considered as the possible reference to the VR prowess of the forthcoming flagship.

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The Tagline


At the end of the Korean teaser of Samsung’s Galaxy S8, there is a timeline specified, “Completion and new beginning.”  This is only a rough translation of the tagline. It seems to suggest that Samsung is entering a new era armed with the Galaxy S8. The phone is slated to make its debut on March 29 in New York. With this debut there is a lot at stake following the recent promises made by the company. However, March 29 is close and we do not have to wait long to find out what the phone has in store.

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