Top 10 Best News Apps For Android Users To Stay Up To Date


The means of mass communication have dramatically enhanced with the advent of technology. We are no longer the slaves of the news channels and the reporters for feeding us with the news that we want. There is no need to keep the television switched on for an hour or switch the channels in order to find the news that we are longing for. The Internet, is the simple and crisp answer to all, be it what so ever. In such a sphere news is no exception. Get your android phones recharged with the data pack and see what magic this portable device can do to you. Here is the list of 10 best news apps for android users to stay up to date:



There are only a few RSS-style news apps left of which Feedly is one that lets you choose your own news sources and create your own news feed. It has a very simple, easy and quick interface and you can search for the topics and websites you like and add them to your feed. Every time you open the app, you receive articles from only those sources that you allow. Not only does it let you have control over where they get their news but the app also allows you to create categories for your news so you can manage multiple feeds at once. Additionally, it has a web interface so you can read on other devices.



Flipboard is one of the 10 best news apps for Android that is an RSS-style type app. Here you can search for your favorite news sources and all of them show up at one place. “Digital magazine”, is a common term used for the design of the app. It has great features, including large graphics, page turning graphics, and more. Additionally, you can save stories you like to your “magazine” for reading it later. You can check out trending stories on the front page, and it also comes with a web interface that enables reading it elsewhere. Overall, you can say that it is a good choice.

3.Google Now


Google Now is flooded with lots of functionality. One of its conventional features is to pop up news stories that may be relevant to you. By constantly scrutinizing your activity, Google gets a feel for the kinds of stuff you care about and then it posts popular news articles based on the same. Though not as robust as most news apps, but is a good way to stay caught up without having to switch to an entirely new app. In addition to it, it is able to help manage your life, the various voice commands, integrated Google Search, and much more. Google Now is productive in general.

4.The Guardian


The Guardian is one of the 10 best news apps for Android. It is a well-respected source of news worldwide that covers a wide variety of topics. Here you will find the latest news on current events, sports, technology, and politics. The application is quite good enabling you to save articles for offline reading, engage with video and audio content, read and share comments. Additionally, there is a premium version where you can also get crossword puzzles, extra content, and an ad-free experience.



Inoreader is an RSS aggregation app quite similar to Feedly that lets you pick and choose your news sources. It features a simple and Material Design interface offering various news sources and customizable subscription categories that help you to create your own news feed. The also facilitates monitoring of news regarding specific keywords in case you want to keep track of a topic and not a specific website. It is simple having a cross-device syncing, and it also has to archive so you can look up something that you have read before.

6.News Republic


The News Republic consists of a collection of over 1600 news sources that you can use in order to customize your own news channel and find the news you care about. On the front page that it has, you can check out trending topics. These topics change based on what you read and on the basis of your interest. It contains sports news, world news, and more personalization options. The has a Material Design-inspired interface which is easy to use. It is worth a shot.



The pocket isn’t necessarily a news app but it’s definitely one that you should have. We find news all over the place by randomly searching the web, over Twitter, Facebook, and even places like Reddit or a forum website. The pocket is an app that helps you to collect links to the stuff you found interesting so you can go back, read it later, and share it with your friends.

8.Podcast and Radio Addict


Podcast and Radio Addict is an all-in-one type of a news app that can organize everything in one spot. Not only does it have an RSS functionality to find your own news sources but it also supports podcasts and radio shows. This implies that you can read the news, download and listen to podcasts, and do it all from the same app. The interface might be difficult to handle initially but once you start using it then you will not have to face a problem. Not only this but it also has micro SD card support, widgets, full-screen reading mode, and more.

9.Relay for Reddit


Reddit is one of the 10 best news apps where anything can happen. Here you can also check up on trending topics and find the latest news. The app features a clean, Material Design interface which works well with Reddit’s forum-style and text-heavy nature. You can also filter out subreddits that you do not care for. Also, it consists of a spoiler filter so that you does not ruin the next episode of that TV show you like.



It is an excellent app when it comes to sports that cover virtually every professional sport including updates around specific events. The app has a Material Design-inspired look and feels which is always a good idea. It also comes with Android Wear support if you require that.

All in all, you must have at least one of these apps installed in your phone so as to stay up to date with the world.


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