Top 10 Best Apps For Hotel Booking Across The Globe


Every time you need to leave your hometown, one thing the worries you is where are you going to stay. Is it a guesthouse or the hotel that would be better? What ratings a hotel should have for it to be good in all the aspects? What if the hotel is like the ones that are shown in some movies that are questionable. How much expense would you have to incur? All these questions haunt you. This panic mode on your part has led us to compile the list of best apps for hotel bookings on our end, especially for you. You need not ask anyone, nor is there any need for you to make calls. All that you require is a debit or a credit card and most essentially one of the below listed app on your android phone.

Booking the room in the hotel that best satisfies the need of an hour in terms of comfort and expense is easy with the here listed top 10 best apps for hotel booking. These are as follows:

best-hotel-booking-apps is no doubt an ambitious and emerging frontrunner in the game of travel website and one of the best apps for hotel bookings. This app is reliable having an easily accessible platform that is available on both App and Play Stores. Travel flexibility is one thing that it has to offer. There is a wide range of variety among which you can choose the best for yourself. You can select the hotel depending on your needs and taste/ preference pattern. – Compare & Buy Cheap Flights,Hotels,Holidays


“The world in your pocket” is the slogan of the app. This app is a free service available on both App and Play Stores. It allows you to search for any kind of hotel ranging from 5* luxury to a shed that too anywhere in the world

3.WorldMate – Travel Smart. Organize your itinerary


WorldMate is the best option if you travel regularly for business. At present it is already serving over 10 million business travellers worldwide. It is sort of a personal organiser on the travel front. You can forward all of your travel confirmations to WorldMate and it will iterate the information into an active, real-time planner. Also it searches for hotels based on user recommendations, allowing you to book a room at a better price. – Cheap Hotels, Discount Rates & Hotel Deals


Using this app you can search and book a hotel from over 240,000 choices around the world as it is one of the best apps for hotel bookings. You can also access reservations even when offline. This is undoubtedly the best app to make bookings, as per you preference pattern with just few tabs.

5.Cheap Hotel Accommodation | Search and compare hotels – Skyscanner


Skyscanner provides you handy service for finding and comparing worldwide flights prices predominantly. But this is one such convenient app that also focuses on finding you the best hotels that best suit your requirements. You can set filters based on cost, *-rating, and distance to the city centre. It also has an attractive and interactive UI that gives you all the important pictorial previews of the kind of room that you will be staying in.

6.Hotel Tonight: Last Minute Hotel Deals at Great Hotels


Having a slightly old-fashioned sort of a name, the app Hotel Tonight is another well-rated app available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. That means it has a good start. There is no need for you to take any stress at hotel booking. Hotel Tonight hand selects the best hotels within your specifications. Not only this, it also enables you to book a room for the night within three taps and a swipe. It offers you a better, streamlined and attractive mobile booking experience that is totally hassling free.

7. I Hotel & Conference Center – UPDATED 2017 Prices & Reviews


Without the name of an app that has a prefix ‘I’ in front, the list seems to be incomplete. So here we have iHotel to keep that Vogue going. This app provides an intuitive navigational service and claims to be the most user-friendly. You have about 250,000 hotels worldwide on its list to choose from. Doing all this is just two steps away. Also, they pay up to 50% less than regular internet travel sites for the pleasure because of the “special mobile tariff”.

8.Concierge App – Conrad Hotels and Resorts


A nice entry as it can rightly be called is the representative of luxury, technologically-able hotel brands everywhere. It is for those who like to live life luxuriously by staying at their range of high-quality hotels across the world. Those who have an extra love for the lavish lifestyle, this app is a blessing.

9.Summer Holidays 2017 | Low Cost Holidays |


This one is more modest and also comparatively more wallet-friendly. Not only this, the app is a user-friendly and highly accessible service. It enables you to search across a wealth of hotels, hostels, and villas in a range of locations. All this it does within your specific budget and specifications. Therefore, it helps you to secure the perfect holiday deal. It can rightly be termed as a last-minute getaway to the booking that you need to arrange at a short notice.

 10.roomlia | Save on hotel rooms – Android Apps on Google Play


Roomlia is the brainchild of ex-Expedia workers Michael Reichartz and Jim Ferguson. Though the app is not that well known but it is specialising in securing the best last-minute deals. This app facilitates the comparison of prices for rooms up to seven days prior to your arrival. I guess it is quite a very clear and unthreatening. This is a time period long enough to plan anything. As it is growing in providing services, more cities are becoming available on the app with every passing month. It is a nice gateway to book the hotel.

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Now when you have the list of all the best apps for hotel bookings in front of you, then I guess that this is no longer a herculean task for you. Choose the best of all these apps and download at least one on your phone. Sooner or later you will surely be requiring this. Yes, to make it obvious it is the need of an hour


  1. I have been using Bookings.Com and Hotel.Com for the longest time, but it is always good to
    cross-check across a few platforms to make sure I get a good deal.
    Thanks for a comprehensive list with some platforms that I was not aware of.
    Which of the above do you use or recommend the most?


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