10 Best Fashion Apps For Android Users Worth Installing Now


Online shopping is in trend these days. People have stopped moving out of their houses because they can now avail things with just a tab or else the click of a mouse. Name it and you get it. Be it something related to apparels or the accessories, you get it all online. What has made remaining in the fashion easier is the availability of fashion apps? These are the handy fashion stores for you. Here is a list of top 10 best fashion apps for Android:

1.Blooming dates Big Brown Bag


Bloomingdale’s Big Brown Bag is one of the best fashion mobile app owned by Bloomingdale. It consists of the entire catalog of items available in-store and even some items that are sold. Not only can you buy the stuff here but you can also the scanning feature where you can scan an item in the store and then buy it online in a different size or color. The app facilitates keeping track of the latest sales. With such a great app as this, you can manage things such as your wedding registry or your loyalty rewards account.



Etsy is an online shop. This has a vast scope. Here independent artists and creators can go to sell their wares. They have a huge ton of stuff ranging from little baubles and pieces of art to various types of clothing items and accessories that you can buy here. You can find all the types of items here on Etsy that are core of the fashion or else of ethnicity. With such an easy to use app, you can save your favorites, purchase things right there in the app, and even talk directly to shop owners about their wares or special requests. Find cool stuff here on the app is quite a fun.



Gilt is again one of the best fashion apps for Android. it can rightly be called,“shop the sales” style of an application. Here on this app, registered users will be showered with daily sales that boast up to 70% off retail for some big name brands. These are inclusive of mobile-exclusive sales which you will not be able to find on the website. They have a pretty good collection and you will be able to find clothes, shoes, jewelry, and even some odds and ends like pillows. Overall, it is an easy to use app that gives you an all- together different experience of shopping.

4.The Hunt


The Hunt is a community-based app. It provides you a helping hand to find the fashions that you are looking for. It is a really good place to post pictures of something that you have seen on TV or online somewhere so that you can find out where they came from. This app is not restricted to only surf and buy but provides you with an opportunity to communicate and trace where the things actually come from. A segment of users have had certain issues with getting responses from the community, but it is still worth to give it a shot. Here you get a chance to identify fashion from a new end.

5.Mr Porter


Here you will get to hear something that might be a little different for you. Mr. Porter is an app that focuses significantly on men’s fashion. Yes, you heard it right, a fashion app for boys. Here you can shop for a wide variety of items, including clothing and accessories. The service claims to ship to over 170 countries which are a nice plus. You can simply save items to a wishlist for future purchases if the need so arises. One thing to note is that here things might turn out to be little expensive. Although the best part is that it is an easy to use the app.



This is a fun app in actual terms in addition to being easy to access. Quite contrary to many fashion apps, this one puts a lot of stock into the idea of putting together and buying outfits all at once. You can create your own and also the app has a lot that you can choose from as well. On top of clothing, you will be able to look at accessories and even some other stuff like lamps, jewelry, and makeup. The wishlist feature allows you to save outfits that you like and send you alerts if any of the items are on sale. It is surely a great app to explore and try.



Poshmark is one of the most popular and best fashion apps available right now and has been on the field for a long time by now. It features an inventory which is more than what is expected. This is so because most of its products are things that ordinary people are selling. This implies that you can buy something out of another person’s closet and in the same way, you can sell things out of yours. You may not find the most recent fashions here on this app but yesterday’s gently used fashion at a discount is surely not a bad deal. It is a Craiglist for fans of fashion.  It is worth a shot.



Wish is an app that claims to be the best shopping mall app out there. In terms of fashion apps, it’s actually not half bad. It has a lot of features that are quite similar to the above listed fashion app, Gilt. It is very simple to use and also have the international shipping. The app boasts up to 50-80% discounts on some items..



Here you get all kinds of things but it mainly focuses on shoes and their inventory is more than the other fashion apps. It claims to have a clean, colorful, easy-to-use design, tons of items from a variety of retailers, and you can even get one-business-day shipping on some orders. It is sort of a run-of-the-mill shopping app having a wishlist function.

10.Your other favorite department stores


Most department stores have their own apps these days. Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Macy’s, apps.JCPenny, Old Navy, and tons of other retailers and stores have apps that you can find. All these apps have a well-rounded collection of fav apps.

All above-listed fashion apps are all worth a shot. You should have at least one on your phone.






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