10 Best Things That Windows Phones Does Better Than Android Phones


Are you planning to buy a new cell phone? If yes then you might be swinging between windows vs android which is better?  For this you might also be wondering about the difference between android and windows phoneBest Things That Windows Phones Does Better Than Android Phones For all the answers you tend to surf the internet. Here we are ready for all your answers. Both the phones are good at their respective places but yes, there are difference between the two which gives one an edge over the other.

80 percent of smartphone market share in the world are held by windows, which makes it obvious that here in our article we will be letting you know about the advantages of having a windows phone over the android. I guess the reason behind this is that the OS is adopted by many leading brands of smartphones, fragmentation and this is one thing that plagues Android-powered phone. The integration of  Windows Phone’s fast and user-friendly OS with Microsoft-linked products has given many users, particularly who work a lot with Windows products, a reason to take into consideration the integrated mobile platform.

There are also many cool windows phone tricks that you can enjoy. In addition to this, it offers the same functionality like other platforms do. However, there needs to be a difference. Here we are with the list of 10 features that you may find better on a Windows Phone than on an Android.

1.Quality Build Phones With Exceptional Design For Everyone


Among all the best things about windows phone, the major arsenal of Windows phones is the Nokia’s partnership. These provide you a good range of phones. The price ranges from $180 to $425 having the screen sizes between 4″ to 6″. There are plenty of choices for those who are budget-conscious and also for those who are looking for a powerful and sleek phone, for instance the best windows phone like Nokia Lumia 1020.

2.Appreciable Apps

You also need to know the android vs windows phone performance as per the different apps are concerned. There is not much quantity in Windows App Store compared to Play Store but the quality is definitely better as these cover all the basic necessities. Windows Phone is not an open source platform. Microsoft has a stricter criteria set than Google about which apps and games can find a place in their respective marketplaces. Therefore, there are superior and better apps, and cleaner options compared to what  Android apps can offer. These are consistent and minimalistic .

3.Microsoft Integration and Support


You might also be eager to know the difference between android and windows operating system. Windows Phone works well with Microsoft products.Unlike Android, Windows Phone comes with free Office in the OS itself which makes it handy for the professionals as you can view and edit, Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents directly on your Windows Phone. In case you concern is the windows vs android which is better in this egard, then you will be glad to know that it integrates with OneDrive allowing you to save compatible files on Microsoft’s cloud storage service.it also gives a vent to Seamless Email And Social Media Integration. The windows phone also provide Offline Maps Integration due to the presence of HERE Maps and HERE Drive integrated to its Lumia range. These come with full offline capabilities.

4.Consistency Across All Devices


There are several cool things to do with windows phone as Windows Phone works well on all levels of devices be it the entry-level Lumia 520 or the high-end Lumia 1020. The minimalist design approach is applied at all Nokia’s Lumia range. On the other hand, Android comes in so many shapes and sizes, so performance and quality are always a moot point. With this you can also consider the windows phone vs android speed, obviously the former is at edge here also.

5.Customizations on Lockscreen


On a Windows Phone  you can check out your notifications from your lockscreen. In addition to this, you can change Background pictures in Lock screen settings and also integrate live apps on the lockscreen. Bing that displays the Bing Picture of the Day and Facebook that displays photos from your albums are a perfect example of the app integrations. Not only this, you can also choose from photos of yourself or create a selection of photos to be shown on your lockscreen. Last but not least, another thing that you can do is, configure the lock screen to display artist information when playing music.

6.Versatility of Live Tiles


Using a Windows Phones you can pin whatever you want and the way you want it. Each app on your home screen acts as a Live Tile instead of widgets giving you a quick glimpse of what is going on in each individual app. You  can check the time and weather via the weather tile and notifications from Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS and email all from the main screen. On the contrary, widgets on Android are their own separate entities and these look as the developers customize them. These designs therefore offer no beauty value and are a standard form

7.Ever Expandable Storage


Most of the Windows Phone inclusive of the entry level ones have 8GB of internal storage and supports a microSD card of up to 64 GB in addition to the free 7 GB cloud storage from Onedrive that makes it even better. This removes the need of any other app that comes with the compatibility issues. OneDrivelets you backup content to the cloud, Windows tablets, PCs, and of course the Windows Phone.

All in all, you surely cannot ignore the fact that Android gives you features like greater app flexibility yet windows phone features great potential, better integration over more platforms and fluidity. With the technology advancing by leaps and bounds you need to remain competitive in order to excel. Therefore, you need a solid platform that has quality and the potential to develop into a full range solution, that spans across mobile, desktop and the cloud. With cool windows phone tricks the answers comes handy that best things about windows phone make them highly competitive.




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