Top 10 Best Productivity Apps For Android Users Across Globe


Technology is a blessing to mankind. In each and every sphere of life it has provided us with things that we had not even imagined once. Earlier our health and our work schedule was only the responsibility of our mind to take care of. Now for this also we have technology in the form of a little portable device that we call a phone. With the help of this phone and yet another invention termed as internet, we can download the mobile apps on our phone. Some of the apps that can prove helpful to us are termed as the productivity apps. Here we are with the list of top 10 Best Productivity Apps for android:

 1.CloudMagic Email


If you want that all the emails that you receive on the multiple accounts that you have, then one app that can help you is the CloudMagic Email. Not only does it provide you the compilation of your emails but it has other facilities also. There are a variety of sync settings, various productivity plugins, calendar support, and even sender profiles so you can know who is sending you what. The ones who use CloudMagic also have a profile that they can sign into on any Android device. This facilitates them gaining instant access to all of their emails instead of signing in one at a time. If you are in a habit of using the emails a lot then this is a must have app.




Having plethora of features including the syncing between devices, cross-platform support, offline support, thus app is one of the most popular best productivity app that almost everybody knows about. In addition to these features it also helps you to take virtually any kind of note imaginable ranging from list, voice, video, text to image. Though this app has features and is available free of cost for the users, a great news for the average consumers but you also have the facility to upgrade to the better version. The latter one is fast, powerful, and it even supports collaborative efforts.

3.Google Drive suite


The Google Drive suite can rightly be termed as the powerhouse when it comes to productivity. To initiate, you have a Google Drive, a cloud storage app where you can store literally any kind of file and also share them with friends or coworkers. With this you have Google Keep, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and even Google Photos. As the combo pack, the two of these apps cover virtually need regarding file sharing, file storage, office apps, note taking apps, and even photo storagethis is a great help for those who have a business to run.

 4.IF by IFTTT


Once you get to know how to use the app comfortably there is no app more useful and interesting then the IF by IFTTT. The app allows you to make “recipes”. This hints different apps to do various things at various times. For example, you can have IF save photos off of Instagram and upload them to Dropbox if you want. It is a matter of some time to get everything in order but once it is done then your device can become virtually autonomous and all of your hectic tasks become much easier. Out of all the recipe apps this is the best and so has a place secured in the list of best productivity apps.

5.Microsoft Apps


Microsoft Apps is an app that demonstrates to you all of the apps that Microsoft has put on the Play Store. This us inclusive of a variety of apps that can boost your productivity, including OneDrive, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Cortana, OneNote, Outlook, and many others. It shares certain similarities with Google Drive, this is a suite of apps that all work together to bring you one cohesive experience. This app comes pre-installed on all Windows 10 machines which gives you the best cross-platform support between Android and Windows which are the two most widely used operating systems on the planet, that you can enjoy.



Slack is a chat service. This has been designed for teams of people to get together and talk about work. It provides you the facility of being able to make various channels for different projects so each person can go where they need to go and say what they need to say without anyone else getting in the way. In addition to all this, it also supports voice calling, virtually limitless file sharing, searching and archiving for prior messages and files shared, cross-platform support. It also includes a number of plugins for sites like Giphy, Asana, Google Drive, and others. If you are indulged in a group setting, get Slack. It makes things much easier.

7.TeamViewer for Remote Control


TeamViewer for Remote Control is an app that works with TeamViewer. This app allows you to view and control your desktop from your mobile device. This is extremely handy app. This is so in the case, particularly if you forget to upload the presentation to your Google Drive or OneDrive in the case of urgency. Not only does it allow file management, you can also beam into other persons’s computer to help them out or fix something. It provides a good support to  full keyboard functionality and multi-monitor set ups.

8.Today Calendar


As the name suggests, this app provides you the services of being an automatic calendar that you need not flip pages of. It supports most calendar functions. Anyone can use it with all the ease and flexibility. With this app, you can create events, organize your agenda, and view your schedule at the blink of an eye. It also comes with widgets in case you need those too.



Todoist is a to-do list application. It facilitates you with the ability to create recurring tasks, collaborate on tasks with other people, cross-platform support, and integration with plenty of other productivity apps. On payment of certain subscription price you can enjoy the additional features as well. Though simple but is really a powerful app.



Trello helps you to stay organized at work and at home. You can create the “boards” to help keep your various projects organized and each board allows you to work on one task at a time. Using this, you can collaborate with coworkers and friends enabling a great work environment. It comes with Google Drive and Dropbox support and Android Wear support.

You need to install at least one of the best productivity apps on your phone today.



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