8 Best Apps for Business Collaboration Used Across The Globe


This is a technocratic era where you need not do anything manually. it is high time that you need to come out of the process of asking your secretaries to arrange meeting for you. Yes, you heard it right, when technology has done miracles in every field then it has not lagged behind even in providing alternatives to the businessmen. Ranging from real-time document editing to synchronous chat,it is time for you to let the technology take charge. If you are ignorant, then we are more than happy to inform you abut certain apps that can provide you help at business collaboration. Here is a list of 8 best apps for business collaboration for android users. You will be more than happy to know that in this world where you get nothing free of cost, you can enjoy the these apps for free and many of these come with a restricted free trial version. You also get an option to consistently upgrade the version from time to time. These apps are as follows:



You might not have heard about the app but those who have a foothold in the business world or trying to gain one they surely know as well as use the app. A large section of the working world has headed towards the app. This app helps your team stay connected with the help of a series of chat rooms. Also it breaks with monotony of the seriousness and stressful business world by throwing in a bit of fun with an easy way to add in GIFs. Not only this but it also has an add on feature. By using this app you enjoy the ability to invite freelancers to your organization. You only need to grant them limited access. This will ensure that they do not intrude the privacy of your business.

2.G Suite


Talk about anything and name one sphere where you do not get to hear about Google. Ideally you will not be able to name anything so how can this be the case with business collaboration apps. Apps that Google provides has grown up and is ready for businesses of all sizes, be it small or large. G Suite is one of the best business collaboration apps that offers you several features. It gets you the standard fare of Google Docs, Drive, Calendar and obviously, Gmail. The company’s penchant for search and machine learning surely makes it a powerful combination. Not only this but the Cloud Search can suggest what files you should be looking at to begin your day.

3.Office 365


Another in the name of best business collaboration apps is the name of Office 365.Microsoft was and still continues to be a productivity powerhouse, and its suite works well on any device thatyou can think of. All the credit goes to the company’s cross-platform strategy. Some of the fundamental and noteworthy features are thr access to the standard grouping of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. along with this, OneNote as a powerful tool for sharing notes and other thoughts throughout the team cannot be overlooked.it is surely a very good option for you to manage your business collaborations.



This app is the part of the Office 365 family. Skype deserves to be highlighted and also a special attention here because of its business-focused features. The most important differentiating feature of the app is that you get 60 minutes of international call time. This can prove to be of a great help for you to connect with clients all across the globe. In addition to this, it favilitates the group screen sharing. Several other features in the Skype for Business application can help you to bridge up the gap, as many small companies have an international market. This app surely is worth it and deserves a shot.



The app seemed to lose it hold over the market but now it has decided to make a comeback and surely this one is worth the appreciation. The comeback of the app ensure better speed and more reliability not only of its features but also of its services. Overhauling the interface on its mobile platforms has provided an add on benefit. The Evernote Business plan can give your organization not only a way to manage projects and assignments but also to share information in one centralized location. This will make it easy to navigate and also packed with options.



One of the most popular business collaboration apps hold the name of Dropbox. It is the best when it comes to file-syncing services. By paying just $10 per month the app gives you 1TB of storage. The company has over the time proven that it can keep files rapidly in sync better than any other app. Dropbox is also intruding into the teamwork space with Dropbox Paper, a minimalist and focused collaboration tool. These are best for your organization.



Salesforce’s Quip has the real-time collaboration flavor of Google Docs.however, the app tries to break this monotony of strict focus on documents and spreadsheets by allowing for more free-form work. The whole system is built around conversations and notifications. The cross-platform support allows you to respond to queries from your Apple Watch. Not only this, but it also plays nicely with Salesforce’s massive suite of other services.



Box is not just restricted to file syncing. Notes app allows the members of a business to work together. The app allows you to consolidate notes across teams and turning all those wayward thoughts into actionable items. Box integrates its services with Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and many other top platforms in case you find that the service is not appropriate for you.

All in all, you need to install at least one of these apps in order to see the magic that these can do in business collaboration.


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