4 Best Free Android Apps To Make World A Better Place To Live And Let Live


Technology has helped in each and every sphere of life. It has undoubtedly made life more convenient and easy. Also, it has made world a global village by giving wings to the process of globalisation. People these days are in constant contact not only with those who live nearby or within the nation but also across the globe. Many people assert that humanity is dead in this technocratic era, here people have no time to devote to those who surround them. However, this is not the case. Technology has provided us a mobile phone and on this mobile phone we can easily build contact. Several apps come handy that helps us to make life easy. In the list of these apps there is one category of apps, that is, android apps you can use to help others. Here se present to you the list of4 Best Android Apps To Make World A Better Place To Live And Let Live. The most important benefit of using these apps is that you need not utilize much of your time from the hectic schedule and at the same time devote a lot towards humanity.

1.One Today



One drop can help to fill the bucket. Similarly, contribution of one dollar on your end can make a big difference. If you donate one dollar a day to a different cause, you can help alter the world. This is the main motto behind One Today. It is a Google app that ask users to donate just one dollar to a good cause. The app highlights a different project every day with the selection that fits the interests of the user. Is it hunger, poverty, spreading education to young people in need, or investing in good health? Suh cause or concerns are bound to show up each day that catches your interest. You can also give money that others people use to deal with such concerns or challenge friends to match your financial generosity.

2.HTC Power to Give



This app provides you an opportunity to lend a helping hand that in a passive mode. There us no need to put a hand in your pocket to take out money. Simply you need to surrender you phone.this in no case means that you have to part from your phone. You just need to allow the app to run in the background while your phone is otherwise asleep. The app will take the spare processing power and use it to contribute to a project of your choice. In this way if everyone thinks like you then it can combine the processing power of everyone’s devices and  can help to discover cures to life-threatening diseases. In addition to this, it can venture out into space and help understand the world in which we live and the atmospheric forces that surround it. There is no need for you to compromise with the battery life also. This is so because the app runs wen you have plugged in your phone r when you are connected to the wi-fi.

3.Blood Donor



Blood keeps the breath alive in the body. There s a constant and continuous need of blood in the hospitals and clinics . have you ever wondered from where do they get the blood? The answer is, people like you. They depend on donors to supply them with enough blood to meet the need. If you live in the US, then Blood Donor is an app that can help you in doing your part to help and you can really play a helpful role. The app can pull up the nearest blood drives and give you the right directions to get there. Not only this, you can use the app to keep a record of your donation history. In addition to this, you can take a picture of yourself giving blood. Next, if you like you can share the image with friends or family. This way you can encourage them to take a step ahead in the path as you did. Like this, you can kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, donate blood and seconly add more on this path.




It is not only those who can speak out who need help, there are others too. Here we are talking about the speechless innocent animals. By using this app, you need not give anyone anything but yes, you are surely giving an animal a home. This is a great service to humanity that you can do. It is a good platform to help in the conservation of endangered and vulnerable species of fauna. PetMatch can help you find cats or dogs to adopt and align with the right agencies. You can click a picture of an animal that you love and then allow the app to search for similar recommendations. If you are unable to find a picture then you can simply use the sample gallery. This can perform the same role. Isn’t it a simple way to play a role in such a nobel cause?

All in all, with the help of these apps you can reach out to those who are in a need. In this way you can make a genuine difference. Be it terms of money, blood, processing power, or shelter, you can easily provide a helping hand to those you seriously require your help in urgency. There is no need for you to step out of your comfort zone and still you can make a great distance with the sort of help that is actually required. It is not always money that helps there are several other factors that can contribute to making world a better place. Here with the help of these apps, another add on advantage that you get is that you actually know what sort of help the one on the other end is expecting from you. So simply download any of these apps and make a contribution to reform the world and make a great difference.



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