7 Best PhotoEditing Apps For Android Lovers Across Globe in 2017

Photo Editing Android Apps

In today’s scenario, choosing a career is not that a big deal for people as making the right choice while buying a phone. Several factors govern our choice of phone. The prominent among all is the camera quality. This feature can also be ignored to some extend now. Why? The answer is the android photography. There are several tricks to take good picture from your android phone. All thanks to the existence of Photo Editing Android  Apps.

Here is a list of Photo Editing Android  Apps:

1.Google Photos

Photo-Editing-Android -Apps

To initiate, Google Photos is a bag full of great features. This makes storing and accessing your photos as easy as never before. There is an option for you to automatically backup your photos and videos to Google’s cloud. Another feature that is worth appreciable is Auto Awesome. It periodically enhances your pictures. You can also create video highlights reels based on a series of images and videos using the Auto Awesome feature. Using this feature, you can also sort your images and videos into a chronological story book.


Photo-Editing-Android -Apps

At present it is owned by Facebook. It is the original filtered photo-sharing app. The app shares certain similarities with smartphone photography. Since it was first introduced to users, it has seen several changes. In other words you can call these changes, improvement. Many awesome features are added to the app. Sharing pictures is not only an easy task but at the same time it is also enjoyable. Instagram can be synonymously used for mobile photography. You can control the level lux and filtering. At the same time you can also avail video integration and share them with your followers.

3. VSCO Cam

Photo-Editing-Android -Apps

It gained popularity on iOS much before in Android. VSCO Cam is truly your one-stop shop for photography and editing image on your Android phone. You capture images, tweak and tune them to your liking. Later, you can sync them across devices and share them with your friends. You can also use the Grid feature. The built-in camera app is relatively simple and offers the basic controls including grid lines and flash toggles. At the time of editing, in order to enhance your photo, the app provides an assortment of filters. Not only this, it gives you an option to buy even more through in-app purchases. Using the app, you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and other properties. You can also copy/paste batch photo editing as well.



Photo-Editing-Android -Apps

Snapseed is an easy to access photo editing apps that has achieved a place in the counting of best photography apps android. It has a variety of features. These features range from basic automatic color and contrast enhancement to cropping and sharpening. You can also selectively adjust color properties within a particular radius. The app possess all the obligatory filters and frames. You can manage these by swiping, just like Snapseed’s image tuning features.It is easy to use for both, experienced users and newcomers alike.  If you desire to use an app that has all the features and is still easy to use then you can go in for this app. It has a great balance of both these things.

5.Open Camera

Photo-Editing-Android -Apps

Bagging a place in the list of best photography apps android, this is a free app that gets regularly updated. It has a collection of all the features that one can desire for editing a photograph. Photo stabilization is one feature that it offers. You can take photos remotely by making use of the command word or signal and GPS tagging. You have an opportunity to make use of it to record in HD. Here you need to know that users with some phones might have problems with audio as it may not sync up properly. You can enjoy the easy access to manual settings for focus, ISO and exposure time. This app is a perfect collection of all the features that you might need for photo editing.

6.PicsArt Photo Studio and Collage

Photo-Editing-Android -Apps

Like all the other apps this one also has the basic filters and all the other editing tools. The app has made a place in the list of best photography apps android. It is a robust editor that includes white balance, tone, cropping, and more. What is different in the app? The answer is that unlike other apps, here you can purchase sticker packs. This helps you to add charm to your photos. You can also add adjustable lens flares, have an access to filters, and also use ‘magic’ to apply Prisma-like features. However, there are some features that require in-app purchases in order to use them. Athough, you still get tons of fun stuff to edit and share your photos. After editing you can either save the photo privately or share it on PicsArt.


Photo-Editing-Android -Apps

Lightroom is a gift of Adobe Creative Cloud that also helps you to take photos. It is now also available on Android. In the absence of a Creative Cloud account, you can try the trial version of Lightroom for free. However, if you pay for the service then you just need sign into your account. It may take some time for you to get used to the app. Once you figure out where everything is, nothing can beat the ease with which you can edit the photos.  To add a photo to Lightroom, you need to ensure that it is saved on your phone. With a single click on it, you can begin editing. You can select  the category of tool that you want to make use of. This ranges from adjusting the look of the photo to cropping it. Here you can also add a gradient including white balance, autotone, and black and white mode, adjust the temperature, tint, contrast and exposure. It gives you an option to shoot in Auto, Professional, or HDR modes. Selective phones can also capture and edit in RAW.

These are the best photography apps android that allows you to enhance your photographs. These makes available a lot of features that can make your already beautiful pictures, even the more beautiful so that you can share them on any social networking app or with your friends on a group.



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