Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 : Highlights Of The Best Samsung Tablet Galaxy Tab S3


A year long wait has ended with the arrival of the Galaxy Tab S3, a successor to Tab S2 9.7 which can rightly be termed as the best Samsung tablet until recent. It is highly creative and productive that entertains all its users. Without a doubt, it is the best choice for the potential buyers who are ready to pay the high price that the tablet commands. Equipped with the big beautiful display which is of the same size, the difference lies in the hardware. It has a hardware which is fully metal having a glass frame. This frame makes its extremely thin and more light. Having a 32GB of storage with an additional SD card, it is based on Snapdragon 820. In addition to this, it has a USB-C charging and 4GB of RAM.

best tablet samsung

Accessories of the Best Samsung Tablet Galaxy Tab S3

The best Samsung tablet, Tab S3 provides an additional brand new S Pen which is not only easy to use but offers all the features of Galaxy Note 7. The tablet comes with a full-sized physical keyboard case. It links directly to the tablet without requiring the usage of batteries or Bluetooth. This helps a lot while you are working.

Pitfall and benefits

The most awaited Android tablets have problems with software and compatibility of the app. Despite these issues it is still the best tablet. Having witnessed the great sales and usage of Galaxy Tab S2 9.7, Samsung settled on facilitating all the features into a tablet of the same size. It facilitates same features in terms of hardware, design and features, yet comparatively more refined. Not only this, the functionality is elated. The credit goes to the new internal specs. These are in par with a late-2016 high-end phone.

Alternative options

If small screen is what you require then you should go on for Galaxy Tab S2 8.0. Rather than following a dual strategy it goes with a single large model. It offers a smaller sized screen at a higher price. It has a plastic back and Micro-USB port. Compared to new Tab S3, it is comparatively thin and light with a great screen. It can conveniently be used single handed while browsing or playing games. The only issue is that as it is getting old you might find it difficult to up date certain apps.If you require more but wish to pay less then go in for this one. Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is available at $299 retail. At this price it is offering the best up to date software and features. Now the question is, why is it priced so low? Well, it has a lower-resolution, that is, 1920×1200 display. Additionally, it has a bit lower-end processor. Not only this, it offers less RAM at 2GB and less storage at 16GB. It also falls short of a fingerprint sensor. It also lacks the highest-end specs and features. Despite this it is good for casual browsing and media reading. You can run multiple windows simultaneously with the 10.1-inch display. However, it is not as much portable. A 16GB internal storage requires you to spend a little money on microSD card. Keeping all the points in mind it is evident that you should go in for purchasing the Galaxy Tab S3. This will ensure all the comfort.


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