Top 5 Best March Madness Apps For Android Users

March Madness


The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Tournament is in full go and you deserve to check your bracket. You need to stay up to date very every recent happening. Most of you might be aware about what I am talking and for those who aren’t, let me inform you that college men’s basketball is underway. And yes there is a need for you to download best march madness apps for android. Why? In this era of cut throat competition who you can practically not sit back to enjoy the tournament all day long side-lining your work that is the source of your livelihood. However, at the same time you cannot let the tournament slip away, after all you deserve to fulfil your desires and craving for the game.

Here is a list of top 5 best march madness apps for android users that will help you to keep in synchronization with the updates of the tournament without compromising at other things:



It is one of the most- handy Android app that has shown its presence for a long-time by now as a sports staple. You have an opportunity to follow leagues, teams and even individual players. There will be no time lag as far as the update on scores is concerned. Stats and news, you get the highlights quickly. You can also enjoy the ability to fine tune and personalize that feed. The app contains a dedicated tournament section embedded with a smartly designed sort of bracket. This bracket uses the Android design guidelines. It releases you of the trouble of using a pan-and-zoom sort of a thing. Not to forget, the app is ad-supported.

NCAA March Madness Live


As the name suggests, it is one of the official app from the people putting on the tournament. This is in itself a reason enough to indicate that it is good and worth a shot. It runs under the sponsorship of AT&T, Capital One and Infiniti this means that you will have to witness ads from these three throughout. However, if you have got a cable subscription this is an awesome way to watch all the games, that too, live. You can stream to a larger TV or monitor as the app comes with Chromecast support built in. in case you are in a different room. Additionally you get to see scores and info on every team. This way you keep up with your bracket, at least for the time being it does not get busted. In addition to this you get to experience the radio broadcasts of each game. With the help of video highlights you can keep up on every moment.

ESPN Tournament Challenge


This app has to do much with a bracket challenge than about following the tournament. This is true especially for those who are playing with ESPN’s brackets. If you do not fall in this category then sorry, you can simply move to some other app. You can follow around 25 brackets at a time and get alerts and updates on the latest happenings. You can also avail the access to Bracket-cast. This allows you to see how upsets or underdogs have had an impact on your own brackets. It is quite simple to follow scores, though it’s true that the app heavily ad driven. However, this app as I have already mentioned is not the last option for many of you who only wish to follow the game.

CBS Sports


With the recent iteration of the CBS Sports app, CBS continues to be the owner of the best sports app. You can use the location services to follow the local or regional teams. Also, you have an option to designate the specific teams in any of the sports towards which you want to pay special attention. Once you do this there is nothing but sports all around you. This means that you will be able to witness other events lumped with the basketball games. All you need to do is, duck into the drawer on the left. This will ensure quick links to scores and news, the full brackets, and expert pics. CBS has also added the NIT tournament. You get here the Chromecast support, live streaming radio, and personalized alerts for the news stories. This you surely will not like to miss. This app is a must have, if you are looking for a really good all-around sports app.

Google Now


Are you finding that all the above mentions apps are not just the one you want? Though there is no reason to think so but if a little effort also gets a bee under your bonnet then simply move on. This is the app for you then. All you need to do is, just ask your phone. “Show me NCAA basketball tournament scores” will highlight the recent games in Google Now. You need not install and wade through any other apps. It is not only quick but easy too. I guess, it’s already present on your phone, you only need to pay attention.

All in all, it is true that a trusty web browser can provide you the same information. However, when these Android apps come in handy then here is no need to take any sort of inconvenience. Download the app today, so that you do not miss out on any information.



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