Latest Gadgets most impactful gadgets that exist in the world


Latest Gadgets most impactful gadgets that exist in the world

Gadgets  Considering the number of devices that are being created in the 21st century, technology has come a long way from when it started way back.  Human being study seek comfort and convenience.  This has given birth to a huge number of gadgets that make life easier for us.  This article talks about some of the most impactful gadgets that exist in the world today and can be purchased for a very cheap price, relatively.



How do you engineer an experience? When you strip away everything that is weighing you down, holding you back, you being to float away, weightless. Presenting the hoverboard, the essence of pure motion, captured, refined and reinvented by man. The hoverboard translates your will into motion. A single point of contact on the ground minimizes friction and frees your movement from a linear path. Precision sensors and other electronics stabilize and smoothen your ride gently accelerating in whichever direction you decide to lean. The electric motor can clock up to almost 30 kms per hour. It also comes with endless personalization options that make your hoverboard completely yours.




This is a cycling device that will change the way you think about city navigation. It helps you create an adventure while you practice and navigate your ride. All you have to do is sync your mobile phone to this device, pick your destination and you are all ready to go. The device will show you the direction you have to go towards and the rest is up to you. You turn left or turn right, that is all in your hands. Beeline will show you the generic direction that you need to go. You can select your way points and the device will direct you towards those points as you head towards your destination. City navigation has never been the same with this new device and it bring the entire concept of gps guided travel into a whole new light.



Today we have better lives because of the endless devices at our homes. But when we come face to face with so many choices, we often lose sight of what is important to us. We waste valuable time on endless repeated tasks. This needs to stop. We believe that things can manage themselves if we add a little magic to it. Presenting the smart egg. A whole new automated controller for all your devices at home. It can connect to your mobile wirelessly through a Bluetooth system. It can meter the temperature, sense your presence and it will control using infrared sensors which are compatible with almost all home applications. Lights, TV, music and everything else will be ready for you when you decide to get home with almost no hassle or controls.




We all travel as commuters. We travel more often on shorter trips. But we have never been able to find the perfect bag that we can carry with us for such trips. People generally try and avoid checking in bags at the airport and prefer to only have carry-ons. But these bags can move only on flat surfaces and we know very well that the earth is not a flat place. This is where the G-Ro comes in.

The first feature of this bag is its huge wheels. Having big wheels allow the user to have a larger and a closer center of gravity which makes the bag feel a lot lighter. It also allows movement on almost all surfaces. A trained and talented team of artists sat together and helped design the G-Ro. We have provided only the most important features that are necessary, not compromising on the space that we have so efficiently provided.

It contains two major compartments, one for personal items and other for work. Apart from these, there are smaller pockets that can hold your liquids and electronic items. We also provide a power source that charges with the movement which can act as a battery source for charging your laptops and smartphones.



Pulse is the most powerful way to control your DSLR camera through your smartphone. Pulse allows you to take photos from your camera without having to touch or shake your camera so you can obtain crisp and clear photos anytime and anywhere or capture moments where you cannot be next to your camera. Pulse is not just a trigger but also provides you full functionality for your DSLR or your mirrorless camera but remotely from your smartphone. You can change all your camera setting thought its app. Unlike other triggers, Pulse also allows you to start or stop videos too. And since you can control three cameras at once, you can be sure to get the right angle for your shot even if you are working alone. Pulse also has the most advanced control for time lapses, so if you are taking your first time lapses or your most difficult one, Pulse can be there to provide you complete control.



Revols are the world’s first custom fit, Bluetooth earphones. Download the app and it will guide you. You have to put the earphones in your ear and press start on your phone. In a few seconds, the gel filled tips will take the natural shape of your ears. Once the shape has been set, you press the button on the app and in a minute the molding process starts which hardens the customized shape into a permanent earphones just for you.

The custom fit provides enhanced noise cancellation allowing listeners to detach from the surroundings and enjoy every detail of their music at safer volumes. But in the event when you don’t want to detach from the world, we have added a volume control for the outside world too. It provided almost 8 hours of playtime and with a battery pack you can get an additional 6 hours of music. If you want to charge while listening, you just have to connect it via USB while you listen and you sit back, relax and enjoy.


Luxor 2:

Luxor is the world’s first digital focusing flashlight that allows you to dynamically adjust the width of your beam from 12 degrees to 270 degrees with just a push of a button. Its OLED monitors puts the power of information in your hands allowing you to measure your light output, battery life, battery health and much more. You can adjust the brightness between 0 and 100 percentage and everything in between. You can also adjust the beam focus by simply rotating your wrist. What makes this flashlight truly unique is its auto focus mode. Using an accelerometer just like the one in your phone, Luxor can detect where your flashlight is pointing and deliver according to that. Point it at the ground and you get a perfect flood mode. Point it at the train in front of you and it becomes the ideal flood beam. Point it to something further away and it adjusts to deliver a stronger throw. Point Luxor above your head and it becomes a perfect lantern. It is waterproof and drop resistant.


The Superbook:

Your smartphone has your whole life on it. It is a connection between you and the people around you. It is also an incredibly powerful computer. Speed and power rarely hold us back but the small screens often do. This is where the Superbook comes into play. A simply plug and play device that converts your phone into a laptop computer. Just connect your smartphone to the Superbook and it will display all the contents like in a laptop. Its qwerty keyboard and multi touch trackpad provides you will all the functionality of a laptop device. Not only does it give you access to all you files, apps and data, Superbook has the ability to use your phones data, WiFi and Bluetooth to connect with other devices. It has almost 8 hours of battery life and it even charges your smart phone as long as it is connected to it. It works with all android devices. It comes to around $100 which is at a fraction of a cost of a new laptop.


Shoka bell:

Shoka bell is the best thing to happen to bikes and bikers in the recent history of man. It is a bell, it is a navigation device, it is a light and it is a safety accessory all in one simple gadget. You can carry it with you when you leave your bike and attach it to your bike with a magnetic click. Shoka bell is a bell with a standalone joystick button with a whole variety of sounds. A friendly warning right for when you cross a mother and child. A loud ring when you are in a more intense condition like a dangerous crossroad. Or a funny casual ring when you are facing pedestrians. You can also download and customize by adding your own sounds to the device. It has been designed to be very energy efficient with more than 200 hours of battery life.



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