Download Free Games for Android Phones Right Now in 2017


Most of us use smartphones nowadays, and we are in the habit of downloading some of the finest and most interesting Android games on our devices just for the sake of passing the time. Although techies are of the opinion that too much gaming may slow the device down, Best Android games are still considered to be the most downloaded apps in any country. So today, we are going to find out  games for android phones which  are preferred by gamers from all over the world. Read on to find out more.

We have collected information for this list from a number of blogs and forums where gamers discuss and debate on the free game apps for android that users can download.

Do give it a read through and let us know which games you have already played or are planning to download for android phones in 2017.

Never Alone: Ki Edition 

Never Alone: Ki Edition

Never Alone is that one game people are talking about all over the world. The game runs on a puzzle platform and the theme is based on Alaska’s indigenous population, the Iñupiat. The main characters gamers play with are Fox and Nuna, who go on a great adventure to locate the source or origin of the eternal blizzard, which makes for the main theme of the game. The game’s storyline usually begins with Nuna’s village being destroyed by this very blizzard. The gaming experience is simply wonderful, owing to the atmospheric experience programmed into the game by the developers. Many gamers would actually find this game quite familiar, as this story of Fox and Nuna might have been told to them by their parents and grandparents.



There are quite a few individuals out there who are always searching for word games to play on their Android smartphones. One such wonderful word game is Alphabear, which is basically a word building game where a player needs to clear out the letters around a bear within the stipulated time to make it grow. If done correctly, the bear will grow properly, and if the timer runs out, then the letters on one side will become rocks and will impede the growth of the bear.

The game offers quite a few unlockable bears during the course of gameplay, each one coupled with a different scoring bonus associated with different letters. These bonuses can further unlock new bears, and so on and so forth, keeping the game ever interesting to the gamer. As usual, being a free to play game, there are a few drawbacks associated with Alphabear, including impromptu advertisements, but even so, this game is quite fun and exciting for gamers of all ages.

Out There: Ω Edition

Best Android games

For all science fiction fans, Out There: Ω Edition has proven itself to the finest Android game in terms of storyline as well as gameplay experience. The game is almost similar to a game book, that is procedurally generated with proper resource management for gaming fanatics out there. Although the game is quite interesting, many people find the gameplay quite difficult.We have to keep  patience and concentration to pass through all the levels successfully, and many gamers are prone to give up and move on, because of getting confused or tired.

But for someone who is a true gaming enthusiast, this surely is a great selection. The storyline is based on an astronaut, who wakes up in space from cryo-sleep. You have to map and chart all the unknown and unexplored parts of the galaxy as the astronaut, while keeping the ship running and maintaining the astronaut’s health by collecting various resources. The games for android phones is truly beautifully designed, and the soundtrack has been deemed as mesmerizing by many gamers.



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