10 Best Android chill games to soothe your mind in 2017

Best android games 2017

Best android games 2017

For a considerable length of time, the greater portion of computer games has been about hardcore action. This urge player to stomp their way to victory, killing enemies and shooting armed oppressors. So, if you’re looking for the android video game that relaxes your sense, here are some of the best chill best android games 2017 that you might want to download on your phone.

Of course, not to forget the plethora of odd systems and a confusing game that is designed to keep you on the edge of your seats. Every one of these games carries a major component of urgency and tension to make it more sellable. It is also what makes them fun. The game designers surely know how to push our mental abilities and propel us toward gaming rewards by walking through a lane of hazards.

Yet, in a recent couple of years, we’ve seen a class of video games that work exactly the opposite. Depending on moderate, measured gameplay that focuses more on unwinding instead of extreme and ravage sort of gameplay. They depend on straightforward goals, bright visuals that resist the pattern of customary video game hypothesis. While this new yield of chill video games has already begun on the PC with several of them coming from the indie developers. They are also finding many takers on the mobile platforms. Android, the world’s leader in mobile OS, too has ended up being a fabulous stage for the developers to try out these video games too as a chilling therapy.

Osmos HD – Android Apps on Google Play

Osmos HD

Osmos isn’t the first of those chill mobile games, however, it’s surely the most perceived one in that class of games available on Android. You play the game as a galactic character, which is a free-coasting life form that eats littler creatures and finds its enemy in other bigger space creatures. The entire movement of your creature is based on the principle of physics, thus tackling the creative, thinking the side of your mind. You can download a free demo of the game, and if you like it can pay $3 to buy the whole game.

Spirits – Android Apps on Google Play

Spirits - Android-Apps-on-Google-Play

Game developing studio, Lemmings, was well known back in its prime, however, its games never resembled this. Spirits give you a responsibility of directing animated leaves to their goal, by setting the wind and different modifiers all through their surroundings. In the event that you weren’t around when Lemmings first games came out, think about Chu Chu Rocket by Sega. If the leaves are moving somewhat moderate for you, there’s a “quick forward” function to speed them. Spirits have a free demo and a paid full version.

Eufloria HD – Android Apps on Google Play


Eufloria may be one of the oddest game titles in recent times. The game involves you controlling a type of space-faring plants, which glide through the void and develop on space rocks. Give a plant a chance to develop and it will make its own particular seeds, ten of which can colonise another planet, or battle off different species. Eufloria PC version has many fans, and its mobile version doesn’t disappoint. You can download a free demo for getting a $5 version.


Petri – Android Apps on Google Play


This Android chill game is a lot like Osmos, but with some fascinating varieties. Rather than space creatures, you get to control micro-organisms in Petri. The distinction is that in this video game, you split into different creatures in the wake of hitting a vertical farthest point. There’s no demo version of the game since it costs only a dollar it’s worth a download.

EDGE Extended – Android Apps on Google Play

EDGE-Extended - Android-Apps-on-Google-Play

Playing EDGE and EDGE extended is like Minecraft but with loads of added characters and sequences. The main protagonist, a featureless cube, carries an excessive amount of sensitivity and thrives in a 3D environment with several angles (hence the term edge). The cube can move from one edge to another at any given moment, so you need to be careful with the moving and sliding movements. However, it’s not like that you’ll get frustrated while getting the perfect move. It’s attractive game feature and graphics make it easier for you ascend different levels with ease.

Splice – Android Apps on Google Play

Splice -Android-Apps-on-Google-Play

Another game featuring the tiny microbes in the list. But, what makes it separate from the others is that instead of focusing on the movement of the microbe, you need to work out and create the structure it will move on to next. You get a restricted measure of moves in which to move pieces around, with the most extreme measure of focuses granted for getting the shape in limited time frame. You can get the game with $3 and there’s no free version available. However, this seems justified, despite all the trouble only for the gorgeous sight.

Auralux – Android Apps on Google Play


This is presumably one the easiest video games on the planet. Auralux highlights only one sort of structure in the gameplay, i.e., the planets, and one unit/asset to run them. The game lets players deal with their own vitality to catch more planets and connect them with their other adversaries. Auralux is free, however, you’ll have to spend for additional levels. Unfortunately, it present only for Tegra based gadgets, however, the designer are trying to release its universal version soon.

Zen Bound 2

Zen Bound 2 android game

Zen Bound 2 is effortlessly one of the most interesting mobile games in this list. If you read the reviews and check out the screenshots, it will look sort of mind bending game, but when you actually start playing it you’ll understand the ways to open up the madness. The main object of the game involves untying polygonal structures in the right colours. It’s utterly satisfying, especially when you’re back home after a long day at the office. The game is priced at $3 and since it’s big it should be downloaded via WiFi.

LightUp Learning (beta) – Android Apps on Google Play

LightUp-Learning (beta) - Android-Apps-on-Google-Play


LightUp is one of the least complex games you’ll ever encounter. Moreover, it seems like playing the old game of paper puzzles. The best part is that it can be played on several old versions of the Android. So, even if you have an old phone, this will work smoothly. The only thing you need to do in this game is to illuminate every one of the squares on the board without intersection your own way – straightforward right? Hold up until you get to the upper levels. LightUp costs only a dollar, and also comes with a free demo to try.

Pixel Twist – Android Apps on Google Play


In this game, you’re given a highly pixelated image to refine, and your job is to rotate a three-dimensional field of pixels to match it. Much like the small handheld puzzle you player as a kid. It sounds simple, but getting everything right in all three planes is tough. There is a time limit on multiple runs, but if you’re having trouble, the game is happy to hand out a few hints. Pixel Twist is free, but there are tons of ads in between.



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