Windows Phone 2017 best choice for future

Windows Phone 2017

Windows Phone 2017 best choice for future

Windows Phone 2017: After the android and the iOS platform, Windows phone is the next mobile operating system choice of people. This has been developed by Microsoft and is popular as the multi-colored live tiles that appear on the Start Screen. The very latest version of the Windows Phone is sold as Windows 8.1. Certain models allow the upgrade to Windows 10 also, but then one needs to be able to find those models before they purchase them to avail this upgrade.

Windows Phone 2017

There are various features that are offered by the Windows 8.1 phone including the popular and helpful personal assistant – Cortana. Initially, Nokia was the biggest seller of Windows phone but since Microsoft no longer owns it, the handsets have been renamed as Microsoft Lumia. This list mainly contains Nokia phones as it is the only seller of Windows phones even though its future is somewhat kind of unpredictable as of now.

Windows 10 phone

There is a feature on the Windows 10 phone known as Continuum. This allows the user to be able to connect the phone to a large screen device like a PC or a Television and manipulate it with the help of a keyboard or a mouse. It comes loaded with Universal Apps which are capable of working seamlessly with any Windows device be it a computer, a tablet or even a phone.

Windows 10 phone

Windows phones are not that bad when it comes to performance, and their camera can easily counter their Android counterparts. But a word of caution is that the OS is still not as technical as the Android or the iOS versions. This means that you should purchase everything you need beforehand considering apps or multi-room speakers.

Windows phones are close to dominating the market but then are far from it. This is mainly because of the lack of interest of third party developers towards the Windows OS. When it comes to the world of apps, then Android dominates the market very easily. Another drawback of these phones is the whole variety of bugs that flow through the OS in almost all phones. But then if you are looking for a phone that works well, has a good battery life, is stable and sturdy, then Windows phones are the ones you should go for without thinking.

Below, you will find a list of the top Windows Phone 8 and the Windows 10 phones that are available in the market as of now

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

The Lumia 950XL is one of the most attractive phones in the market today. If you are looking for Windows features that are mainly dedicated to productivity like Universal Apps or even Continuum, this is the phone you have to go for. As of now, this phone comes with a free Display Dock. It might seem appealing, but the phone is slightly above average with not much to offer except probably a bigger screen and a processor that is probably the best in this line as compared to the regular model that it previously had.

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

Overall, this phone is a decent choice, but it starts to pose problems with the huge array of bugs in it and also the fact that it has a lack of apps. But still, it might turn out to be a solid choice for many.


Microsoft Lumia 950

This was one of the first phones to boast the arrival of Windows 10. It was expected to be a grand affair, but then surprisingly it was not when we consider our expectations. Yes, there is a matter of loyalty that is shown by Windows phone users who might appreciate this phone for containing features like the Continuum or the Universal Apps. But a major drawback of the Continuum is the requirement of a whole bulk or equipment to support it.

Microsoft Lumia 950There are a lot of bugs in the OS too. The design in almost uninspiring but the screen is decent. We would say that this phone is around average and there are a lot better phones in the market for almost the same price as this.


Microsoft Lumia 930

With a semi-metal design, a good screen, a highly prized camera, the Lumia 930 is considered a step in the right direction. It also boasts of a decent hardware line-up. The thing that makes us sad is the fact that it does not come with any expandable memory or storage. Yes, it contains Windows 8.1 which is very good and helps improves things mainly on the software side, but we cannot deny the fact that this is a platform that is not the first choice for developers mainly when it comes to the involvement of any third party hardware.


Microsoft Lumia 650

This Windows 10 mobile phone is very lightweight, well built and boasts of a removable battery. It also has a fairly decent camera and a complimenting screen to go with it. However, the problem with this phone is the fact that it lacks performance power considering its hardware. Lack of software support for this phone will also create problems for business users and power users. It does not contain Windows Continuum and has a crippling Snapdragon 212 chipset. This does nothing but only limits the fluidity and other performance factors.


Nokia Lumia 735

This is probably the most entertaining phone on the market today and is probably an ideal phone for selfies. Considering its low price, this is an amazing phone for any teenager. When compared to its low price, its performance is sufficient. Fortunately, there is microSD support, wireless charging, and 4G. There is only a hope that a new software update offers a fix that fires up the camera a bit faster as it takes a fair amount of time to load when it is clicked on.

Microsoft Lumia all

Microsoft Lumia 435

Microsoft Lumia 435 is probably the best phone that is available in the market for a budget price range. This phone is at the bottom of the phones that are offered by the Microsoft lineup of phones. Being honest, this is not a very good phone, but then it can compete with Androids of the same price range very easily. Also, for the first time users, it is a very good option and can work like a dream or a nightmare- however you decide to look at it. Microsoft has confirmed that this phone will be re-released with Windows 10 making it the cheapest phone to boast that OS was making it worth taking a look at.


Microsoft Lumia 640

Over the Lumia 630, the Lumia 640 is considered a fairly worthy update. This phone also is probably a candidate for a good value for money. Also, this phone can be called as the Moto G of the Windows world. This is because it shows a similar design and also is priced at almost the same. This phone is fairly good, but then at the end of the day, user preference is completely based on the OS that a phone offers. If your work depends on third party apps, then this phone is not worth it, and you might as well buy the Moto G itself.


Microsoft Lumia 535

The Microsoft Lumia 535 is a decent phone that boasts of Windows 8.1. It has a good built and with a fair camera and a good sized screen. But then this phone is a compromise in too many areas. Bugs dominate this phone and therefore makes the user interface a major problem. One is probably better off buying a Motorola Moto E or even the EE Kestrel if 4G is what you are after.


Microsoft Lumia 830

If you want to look at a phone which can be given the tag of ‘opportunity lost’ then the Lumia 830 is the phone to look at. We don’t say that there is anything shockingly wrong about this phone, but at the end of the day, this phone is nothing but a mediocre performer. It has a decent built, a not so great camera. One advantage is that this is highly stylish. We would suggest you go for a Lumia 630 as this phone is nothing but a 5-inch version of the 630.

Microsoft Lumia all

Microsoft Lumia 1320

The Microsoft Lumia 1320 is a phone with an okay performance. It has a good but not so great screen but then at the end of the day, the Lumia 1320 offers a good value for money. Obviously, it is not the best mobile phone in the market today. If you are looking for a phone with a big screen and you are not able to afford the much better, faster but pricier Lumia 1520, then this phone is the next best option for you. It comes with a brilliant battery life but a basic camera and fairly limited storage. You won’t regret buying this phone as long as you don’t want to engage in third party applications as is the case with all Windows phones.


  1. Many corrections needed in this article:
    1) The current version is Windows 10 mobile, not Windows Phone 8.1, and while some of the WP8 phones are upgradable to W10m, I recommend purchasing hardware that runs W10m natively, as the experience is much faster and smoother.
    2) Continuum is only available on the higher-end new phones, due to hardware requirements, check before purchasing.
    3) The photo of the Lumia 950XL is actually a photo of a Lumia 950. The 950XL is a larger device, with more processing power. And the mention of the “huge array of bugs” in the 950XL is just plain wrong. I have had very few issues with my 950XL over the past 14 months. And any discussion of apps availability should be directed at the OS, not any particular device.
    4) Neither the Lumia 950, nor any of the other W10m phones require “a whole bulk or (sic) equipment” to run Continuum. I use the wireless adapter, which is about the size of a USB thumb drive. Adding a portable keyboard & mouse obviously adds some bulk, but they are not required for Continuum (but they do make it more useful, and these easily fit into my coat pocket.
    5) After purchasing the Lumia division and name from Nokia, Microsoft ultimately divested themselves of this, and do not currently offer any Lumia devices. It is rumored that MS is working on a new “Surface” line of phone devices, but that has not been confirmed, although MS has announced that the new Snapdragon 835 will be able to run full Windows 10 on mobile, including Win32 desktop applications, which will be a huge bonus for the business community (I can’t wait).
    6) Many of the other phones listed are old WP8 devices, which I do not recommend, as the WP8 OS is no longer supported by MS, and while some of these models can be upgraded to run W10m, their hardware is not optimized for W10m, and their performance reflects that.

  2. Using a droid or iOS phone makes me vomit due to their total integration with Google. Anyone who thinks they are getting anything for free should wake up. Your personal information is why there are 2.2 million droid apps and 2 million iOS apps. And all of those uninstallable apps on the phones are ridiculous.
    I like Windows phones and for anyone who wants a more secure internet connection, they are great option. The Lumia phones are greatly underpriced and underrated. I have a 735… looks and feels as cool as any of the $700.00 phones, and it only cost 120 bucks. Got it through Verizon Wireless.
    I’ve been with US Cellular for 20 years, but leaving them because they refuse to carry a Windows phone or even let me use an unlocked one on their network.
    If people who like Windows phones would act with their pocket book, more carriers would offer them.
    The few who do often don’t even display them and have them in “the back room”.
    I also have a problem with having basically only two OS’s in the whole World…..sort of like having to choose between a Ford or a Chevy, with no other choices.
    If you like Windows phone, get active before someone pulls the plug.

  3. I love Windows Phone…droid & iOS total integration with Google makes me vomit. All that “free” stuff from droid/iOS isn’t so free after all. They sell your personal information.
    The world needs more than 2 operating systems for phones.
    The2 million apps for each is not enough reason for me to leave Windows.
    It is secure, well laid out and did I mention secure….
    Microsoft makes great products….just don’t know how to sell them. Marketing failure by carriers is why Lumia failed. The stores had the phones but wouldn’t put them out front…. They had them in the back room. I’ve gone into number of stores looking a Windows phone…. Buy had to wait for some one to bring the Windows Phone out.


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