Education Apps


Education Apps The classroom is now not the only place where your kids can study. Today, smartphones and tablets have become important in teaching students. The magic of applications have made it easy for kids and even toddlers to learn the basic concepts of math, colours, etc. And as parents, it is natural to want to develop their brain and these ideas from an early age.

Education Apps

Apart from games, toys, you can even download the amazing applications which are meant for children and teach them in a fun and upbeat manner. These applications make sure that studies don’t end after the school. They let your kids have fun while teaching them basics one swipe at a time.

For all the parents around the world, here are some fun educational apps for you and your children to enjoy.

Elmo Loves 123

Using this app, teach your child how to identify numbers and count from 1 to 20, and do simple addition and subtraction but that is not all. This application is filled with surprises such as same Street videos, puzzles, and colouring pages. And as your child is progressing through this app, their favourite flurry character, Elmo and Abby Cadabby assist them.

Learn with Homer: Reading & Educational Games 

This is also a fun, educational application which will help your kids learn to read. Specifically designed for children aged three to six, this app has a drawing, voice recording, stories, songs, and more, along with more traditional phonics exercises. Parents can even check how their kids are progressing in this app.

Cookie Monster’s Challenge

This fun app starring everyone’s favorite Cookie Monster teaches preschooler self-control, focus, and the directions to prepare themselves for school. This application has mini games of 9 different levels which keep preschooler busy. And the reward for progressing through the game pieces to build your cookie making machine.


Children can learn how to make their animated stories by providing them with a structured arc of 40 different playsets of characters and story worlds. Kids can even use drawing tools, incorporate images, music, and voice narration.

Disney Story Central

Your bedtime became, even more, fun with Disney Story Central. Your kids can enter a whole new world of fantasy with a large selection of e-books including their favourite characters like Mickey Mouse, princesses and much more. It will give you personalised book recommendations and has voice narration. What’s more is that your little bookworm will earn trophies and rewards as they move ahead in this app.

Handwriting without Tears: Wet-Dry-Try

Your little ones can learn how to write correctly through this application without wasting pages of notebooks. This application is virtual state board for kids to practice numbers and capital letters. They will start tracing the letter with a wet sponge, then with the dry paper towel, and finally with chalk.

The Magic School Bus: Oceans by Scholastic

Does your kid love science? Then, this is the app for them.  The Magic School Bus with Ms Frizzle and her students will take your children on an aquatic journey with this interactive storybook filled with fun science facts, pictures, games, and videos.

Grammar Jammers

Get your kids to speak without any grammatical errors with the Grammar Jammers. This application makes Grammar fun to grasp and learn with its three different levels namely, Primary, Elementary, and Middle that teaches kids the basics of Grammar with a fun game format.

Ansel& Clair’s Adventures in Africa

Go on a fun journey with a friendly intergalactic travel photographer, Ansel and the brilliant robot, Clair as they guide your kid through animations, fun games, and puzzles in the exotic places of Africa such as Nile Valley, Sahara Desert, and Serengeti Plains. Your children are sure to have a sense of adventure after playing this game.

My Math Flash Cards

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned flashcards and say hello to My Math Flash Cards. This application teaches your kids to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. They can gain additional practice and grasp the basics of math. It is great for students who wants to master their skills or just want to practice some more.

Habitat the Game

Teach your kids from the very start to take care of our Mother Earth with this application. Players adopt a virtual polar bear and must take care of them. The situations are like those in real life like turning off lights and conserving water. The players will have to keep the creatures healthy while learning how important it is to save our Earth and take care of the environment.

King of Math Junior

Make way as the king helps reinforce the core math facts and also passes on his teaching of fractions, geometry, and measuring concepts. Kids earn points which assist them to move up to a higher ranking as they progress in the game and the end become the King. The best part of this application is that it clears the core concepts and makes them easy to understand.

Happy Little Farmer

Teach your preschoolers all about plants with this fun little application. Kids play games, grow plants, and learn all about the plant cycle while collecting points along the way. A fun game for kids who love nature!

BrainPOP: Featured Movie

Give your kids access to a whole new world of science with the library of BrainPOP. They have an entire video library covering various topics such as earth, life, physics, weather, etc. If your kids love science and want to explore more of this field, then take the first step with this application and make their dreams come true.

Technology is a piece of miracle. Not only has it been helping us but is now assisting in developing the minds of young ones to leave a mark in this world. As a parent, it is our duty to make sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to our child’s future. Download these applications and watch how your kids progress right in from of your eyes!


  1. Thank you for sharing,very good information lol,
    I’m looking for educational apps/games etc.
    I’m trying to get the educational minecraft as my 5 year old is obsessed but it’s only available to schools and educators


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