Essential Android Apps of 2017 Every User must have in 2017

Best apps 2017

With the passage of time, the number of apps on the android market are increasing day by day. With well over a million apps to choose from, here is a list of 8 of the best apps that one can download for free or just a minimal fee.

Best apps 2017


This is a multi-purpose weather app that caters to all you requirements. This app is loaded with a whole host of features to keep you involved like forecasts, live weather conditions, wind speeds, radars, predictions, facts, graphs and a tracker that keeps record of the sun and the moon. This app is free but has ads, which can be removed by paying a fee of $1.99.



This app is a pre-requisite for people who don’t like others snooping around in their phones. You can use this app to lock other apps and protect them with a password. This app is available free but for a fee you can download the premium version which is accessible ad free.



This is one of the best RSS feeder apps to exist out there. This means that you can subscribe to multiple sources and websites and opt from news from them and see them all in one place through this app. It also has the ability to support videos, podcasts and music.


Google Drive Suite:

This is an app that contains all the sub apps which are directly integrated into google drive. These include Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Photos and Google Keep along with the actual Google Drive itself. This app is directed towards the working person and provides all the requirements for an office job. It also comes with 15GB storage space.


Google Opinion Rewards:

This is one of the least downloaded apps by Google and people underestimate it a lot. This app is simple to run. Once you download it, periodically it will ask you questions that will earn you credits. You can use these credits to purchase paid apps. But one must be careful as the validity of these credits is for just one year.



This is one of the most popular coupon app available out there in the market. One just has to download this app and start to browse for coupons for various goods and services. It may not have attractive offers but the diversity of the coupons is staggering. You can even track the coupons that you have used.


LetPass Password Manager:


This is the most innovative password manager you can find online. Full of features, this manager will store all your passwords for every app and website, encrypt them and hide them behind a master password. Another feature of this app is to auto suggest passwords and auto fill details into forms.



If you are even a little health conscious, this app is for you. This is currently the best fitness oriented app available on the market today. It has a database of over 500,000 food items with intrinsic details about the contents of the food. It also will track calories for you, tell you how much you need to eat and can even plan out your eating routine for you.


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