A step-by-step guide on you how can download content from Netflix for offline viewing


It’s been so many years that Netflix finally granted the wish everybody has been waiting for – to be able to download their favorite movies and TV shows for offline viewing. Currently, this amazing option is just limited to the mobile devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets that run on Android and iOS, but with time and reach the feature will roll out to desktops as well.

When facing the question of how to download offline content Netflix, there are few things that you should take note. Firstly, that you can enjoy your Netflix shows’ on the go without cutting much on your mobile data. Secondly, you can watch them while flying or commuting on the subway, without any data connection. That’s amazing in its own levels. However, there are some minor caveats. Like, the option isn’t made available to the entire catalogue, and only to a specific group set. Of this specific group, a larger part consists of the original shows aired by Netflix. Although this is supposed to change in the coming times.

  • Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can download movies and TV shows from Netflix for offline viewing:Firstly, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of Netflix app on your mobile device. In case you have an account and you cannot see the feature, just wait for few days. Android users can also find the APK and download it.


  • Then select the movie or show you’ve been willing to download. Users have the leverage to browse its “Find something to download” option to begin with. But, if you navigate a little away from this window, you’d see the option of “available for download” at the sides. Opening it will allow you to see the content that’s up for offline viewing.


  • After zeroing in on your favorite movie or TV show, scroll down and click the download button. If it’s a movie, you can locate this button just at the bottom where the description and crew are mentioned. If it’s a TV show, the button will be located next to a particular episode.


  • Before pressing that download button, you need to be aware of the new Netflix settings related to download. Remember, you always have the option to choose to download the content only via a Wi-Fi connection, as most of the material is quite heavy. Quality wise, you don’t get to select specific resolution, and you just get to toggle between “standard” and “high.”


  • Now, you may begin the download. A progress bar will pop up at the bottom of the page, notifying you when the download is complete. To check out the downloaded content, you can open the menu option from the left and select “my downloads.”


Then you can simply go back to the app without connecting to the Wi-Fi and you can enjoy your downloaded content. Make sure to have everything loaded up on your phone before you lose your connection and a hard-drive to keep storing.


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