Best browsers for windows phone 10

Android Browsers

Best browsers for windows phone 10

These days, in the dominated android market, windows phones are slowly lagging behind. Many companies focus less on app development for these phones. Therefore, it is often difficult to find compatible apps that can run hassle free. The same is the case with internet browsers dedicated to windows phones.

Today, there are a few big companies that have directed their vision towards developing a sophisticated but free browser for windows phones. There are already a small list of browsers available to the public but this article is a list of the top 10 free browsers among them all.

Android Browsers

1 Best Browsers for Windows Phone

  1. UC Browser
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Microsoft Edge
  4. Maxthon
  5. Nokia Xpress
  6. Opera Mini Beta
  7. Surfy
  8. SurfCube 3D
  9. Touch Browser
  10. Mini Browser:

UC Browser:

This is considered to be the best available browser till date. It has been developed by the Chinese company known as UCWeb. It boasts of a lot of features that make its use very friendly. Also, the developer provides regular updates and bug fixes periodically making sure that your experience with this is always the best.

It has a beautiful and an intelligent interface with a lot of features like WiFi downloading, speed dial, Bluetooth file sharing and can also help to save data directly to the SD card.


Internet Explorer:

This is one of the most popular browsers developed by Microsoft and comes loaded by default on your windows phone. The current versions of this browser is based on the default version of the one available for a PC.

There are a lot of features available on this phone like multiple tabs, setting favorites, sync on all windows devices. This app also has the ability to share in built web pages and also tabs opened in the inprivate browsing session.


Microsoft Edge:

This is a browser again developed by Microsoft for mobile devices as well as for PC. This has successfully replaced the Internet Explorer. This has been designed to be a lightweight browser power-packed with a whole load of features. It has an inbuilt search option powered by bing.



This is a highly simple to use web based browser that has been designed keeping user comfort in mind. It is also known for its superior performance by the people who have used it. It is also known for its cloud integration.


Nokia Express:

This browser has recently gained a lot of popularity among its users mainly because of its ability to compress webpages into a more convenient format. This lets the pages load faster and also saves a lot of data.



Opera Mini Beta:

This is a highly popular browser that is not only available on windows but also on android. The browser is not only free but also is able to reduce the webpages to 10% of its size reducing data usage tremendously.



This advanced browser works exactly like how you would access internet on your desktop. It has all the features that a normal PC browser would have along with a few surprises up its sleeve. It reduces data usage by 20% and can also double up to be a reading app for articles and books.


Surfcube 3D:

This browser has an amazing 3D interface which adds on to the user experience. It has the ability to open links on a page in anew tab in the background. It also has HTML5 compatibility and has the ability to share links on social media directly.


Touch Browser:

This is an interactive browser that is probably one of the best in the market today. You can easily open multiple tabs and also switching between them is really easy. It comes with an integrated search option with Yahoo, Bing and Google.


Mini Browser:

The Mini Browser supports multi touch functions and gestures. It is really easy to open multiple tabs simultaneously and that can enable you to switch between links easily.

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