Supercomputers : ARM’S Endeavour To Insert Chips In Supercomputers


ARM has always been loved and appreciated for its smartphone processors. However, the trend seems to have changed as the company is now looking forward spread out its wings into new arena. In the gone few days it had announced that they have designed some new chip architecture which is particularly intended to be used in the supercomputers.

ARM has always been highlighted for the flawless efficiency of their processors. This has indeed given them a firm foothold in the market where not all are accepted with on arms by the customers. This endeavor of their can prove to be a great boon for the computing sector.

Supercomputing and ARM:


ARM’s interest in the field of supercomputing got highlighted with the revelation of Fujitsu’s follow-up on Project K supercomputer. This revealed that these supercomputers would be using ARM chips that too at a point of time when the company had nothing of that sort or not even the design of the chip that could fulfill the purpose. The system of vector processing was used to handle huge amounts of data. One to use these chips announced by the company will be the Post-K supercomputer.

How long to wait?

The only question that crops up in mind is the efficiency of these chips. Whether these will prove efficient or disappointing is still to be seen. The question to this question cannot be got unless these supercomputers are not flooded in the market. Not to forget, this is not possible in any case before 2020.

ARM and Intel together?

It is a well known fact that ARM and Intel are the former rivals as Intel had to clamber a lot in the chip processors before it could make a wipe against ARM. How is this act going to affect their relationship is a big question. Custom Foundry has  recently formed a partnership with ARM in order to help produce 10nm SoCs. However, it will be worth seeing that how thus partnership gets affected with the stepping of ARM Into this field.



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