Apple iPhone 6 And Apple iPhone 6 Plus Found Touch Disease Problems

apple iphone 6 plus

Touch disease in the words of iFixit:

Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus units are suffering from touchscreen problems.  According to iFixit that is a smartphone repair chain both these models are suffering from these problems. This problem has been termed as touch disease by it. Experts have witnessed it on the 2015 models of Apple also. According to the experts who deal with this problem, many sets of these models are brought to them for repair which indicates that this is a major problem.

Reaction on Apple iPhone 6 And Apple iPhone 6 Plus

apple iphone 6 plus

Though aware of this problem the Apple employees assert to many of their customers that there is no such touchscreen problem. If the warranty gets expired the company as always suggests you to buy a new phone, which is more likely.

Solutions to the problem:

apple iphone 6 plus
The way to get rid of the problem with touchscreen on temporary basis is twisting the phone or pushing on the screen. However, the problem emerges again and each time it is more adverse with the gray bar covering the screen. Each time the display gets worse from poor. Another relief comes in the form of replacing the screen but that too is only a short run solution. There is a zeroed in on the pair of touchscreen controller chips inside the models that converts the sense of touch to the direction for it to follow. Motherboard cannot be properly dealt by the Apple therefore taking it to Apple store is a waste of money.
The major reason for the problem to crop up have been confined to two. One is U2402 Menson Touch IC chip that has a manufacturing defect. The other one is related to the bendgate. If one tends to approach the Iphone owners to fix the problem then it turns out to be quite expensive. Getting a motherboard repaired or buying a new set is both expensive. All you can do is go to the repair shop


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