Pokemon Go – The Pokemon battle is on for Android and IOS


Do you remember the yellow colored electric tailed character named Pikachu from Pokemon. Yes, of course you must have remembered and so Pokemon is again back with the game Pokemon GO. So much was the craze of the characters and the Pokemon creatures that it got soon developed into a game that you and me can play.

Similarly, as in the Pokemon series, there were different teams who fought against each other with the help of the Pokemon characters, the game also allowed the players to play in the same way.
Now July 2016 has welcomed another exciting version of the game, in the name of Pokemon Go. At present it is compatible with android and iPhone operating systems.


Pokemon Go – The Game

How about if it is said that you can now play real Pokemon games anywhere and anytime? Imagine you are walking somewhere and suddenly you get to know that there is a Pokemon species nearby approaching you and you can have a battle in the gym. Isn’t it exciting? Now you can enjoy all this excitement in real, with the Pokemon Go tips provided here.

Just install the game on your smartphone and you can start your journey of enjoying the game in real with the virtual world features on your phone. Whenever the application senses some other Pokemon species, that means someone else who has the game in his or her phone around, it gives you notification, and you can instantly start a fight then and there with the game on your phone.


Features of the game that you can enjoy

Pokemon Go has included many such features that will make you a big fan of the game.

1.The game application has a real time virtual map and locations so that you can walk and get closer to a Pokemon species conveniently.

2.The trainers can be customized with various attires and also can be trained up since the beginning of the game.

3.The Evolution Shards is one of the most powerful features of the game. It will allow the trainers of the three teams to make their creatures even more powerful than before.

4.You will get various items such as Pokeballs, potions and others in exchange of gold from the PokeStop.

5.Pokemon creatures are not just powerful species that fight against each other, but by the passing time you will fall in love with them. They will become a pet for you. The game offers you the option to name your pets also.


Getting the game to play

Quite understandable that after knowing so much about Pokemon Go, players will be desperate to play it on their smart phones. But the game has been released by now for only a few countries worldwide such as America, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Russia and UK.

Pokemon GO

The rest of the places may have to wait for some more time to start installing the new amazing game of Pokemon Go on their devices.


  1. I’ve capture 64 Pokemons so far :p It’s indeed fun, but I hate that there is no Gym near my place. It’s difficult to fight due to that!


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