Motorola Moto Mods are announced today along with Moto Z


Since the first time we heard about the Motorola’s plans to launch a new phone with modular back plates, it was said they were called as Amps and there were at least 6 of them to be released. Now, the company has announced four Motorola Moto Mods alongside Moto Z today. These 4 Moto Mods features stereo speakers, a projector, a battery, and a pretty back cover.

Let us read about these 4 Motorola Moto Mods in detailed.

Stereo Speakers

The first one we speak about is, as the order goes, it is stereo speakers. The JBL SoundBoost weighs about at 145g and comes in 13mm thick. So, this makes the phone look a bit larger than the original size, when equipped to it. The Motorola Moto Mods will have 2 27mm speakers, 3W each. It will come with an in built 1000mAh batter which gives about 10 hours of battery life and can be charged using the USB type-C port that it has. The Verizon site listing of this Moto Mods listed it with a price of $79.99.


This sub-optimal Motorola Moto Mod is the Moto Insta-Share Projector which is a pico-projector attachable to your Moto Z. This Motorola Moto Mod is 11mm thick and it weighs about 120g. With a resolution of 854×480 this DLP Projector can produce an image up to 70 inches with 50 lumens of brightness. The Moto Mod comes with a built in 1100mAh battery which gives about an hour of projection time and it can be charged over USB type-C port.


Motorola’s Incipio offGRID Power Pack is the most appealing Mod when looked at it. This Mod further includes a 2200mAh battery and is 6.2mm of thickness. This Mod also comes with two charging versions for the battery, standard and wireless and they both weigh about 79g and 85g, respectively. Both Qi and PMA pads are suitable for the wireless version to work with.

Back Cover

Lastly, we need to speak about our last Motorola Moto Mods, a pretty back cover. This cover offers your Moto Z the look of a style shell, when equipped to the phone on the back of it. This simple back cover changes completely the look of your phone Moto Z, rather like the 2015 Moto G.


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