Google Contacts web app now provides business information from Maps


The Google Contacts web app now has got a new feature using which the user can derive the verified business information of any business from Google Maps. All the user needs to input is the verified contact number of the business searching for, that is added with the Google Maps.

Using this contact card, the users can get information like business name, address, and hours open. Other data that you can get is profile image and website address, and also a shortcut to directly open the listing in the Google Maps.

Google will avoid overriding the information that is present in the Google Maps by the information that is entered by the user. The example of this feature can be seen in the above image, where the above card contains the data that is entered by the user to search for the listing, and the below contains the information of the business listing that the user searched for.

So, now Google Contacts, in addition to the new design also features this new feature and is the first feature, after introducing this Google Contacts preview. Those users who are still using the old version of Google Contacts can switch to the new version by simply clicking on the “Try Contacts Preview” in the left hand toolbar.

The Google Maps integration will roll out to all users in the next three days.


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