Whether you are living in Delhi or Dubai there are bound to be events happening around you. What is common to these events is that it is surprisingly easy to miss them only to get to know later that how amazing the event was. Whether you are into tech or food or fashion, events are a great way to learn new things, meet awesome people and get out of your mold.

10timesThe good news is that from now on you never have to have the regret of missing a great event that happened in your town because you can simply install this amazing app by 10Times that lets you know what is happening in your city in one place be it events, concerts, workshops or seminars. The 10times app that lets you find just that with its simplistic interface. The app covers over 140 countries, and has events from more than 100 industries listed. They listed over 225 thousand business events and conferences in 2015 alone. So whatever your quirk may be, it is bound to be listed on 10times. You can create your own profile and based on the profile it can recommend you events according to your preferences.
The 10Times app makes things even more convenient by using your location to show upcoming, nearby and trending events from the industry of your choice. Another super cool feature the app also has is that it lets you connect with fellow event goers and you can connect with your business clients or counterparts from other industries even before you attend the event. Obviously this is bound to make your event experience much more pleasant and way more productive than just showing up for an event alone and awkward. You could also look for people from specific industries and connect with them is you so choose. This feature is exactly like the one you find on tinder where you can swipe right or left to connect with people. But do bear in mind the idea is to connect with business clients or counterparts and not to try and score chicks in conferences.

Apart from all this 10Times also has a very useful dashboard for event organizers that can be used to manage events and event inquiries, the dashboard is used by over 15 thousand event organizers. 10times also has an array of tools and services to help event organizers reach their target audience and maximize event visibility which inevitably leads to higher footfall. They also offer premier listing on their website which is pretty useful given that the website has a traffic of over 3.2m per month. 10Times also helps with lead generation and connecting exhibitors to visitors.

The 10Times app is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store for free.


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