How To Write A Successful Blog Post


Writing is a great skill, but only if you have the type of audiences that receive your content. And, it is only with immense marketing that anyone can have large audience following our content. And with such a huge following one can consider himself as the ‘Best content “ only when his content is generating traffic to client website.

Attain Audience

But the question is how do we attain audience for our writings? In a country like India, where various niches are naturally present for the different sects that people follow, it is particularly very easy to concentrate on one segment and write for them. This way, it is more helpful to become ‘Best Content Writer India’ by writing for a particular sect. So, our first tip for you is to Attain Audience, for your content. This way, we can gain popularity and become successful Guest writer.

Retain Audience
Well, the first task is accomplished. Now, how do we Retain them? The second tip is to retain your accomplished audience by providing the content that they want, in a more pleasing way. Some people who follow us make their voice by commenting on our posts. We have to respond to those comments adamantly. This way we make them feel that they have been communicated aptly, and that their voice is heard-of. Following your readers by replying to their comments encourages and builds a strong rapport between you. Moreover, the comments may have some interesting clues that may benefit you as a writer.

Avoid Plagiarizing
The third tip is to avoid plagiarized content. Because, no one likes to see the same content in more than one area, and nobody would show an interest in reading the same matter twice, written by different persons. Even if, your content is a low quality one, don’t go for plagiarizing or for rewriting the same content. Moreover, it is a legal issue to copycat, if the original holder of the information finds that his content has been plagiarized he would penalize. Doing so, would also harm you reputation as a good writer and may spoil your relationship with your readers. Writing plagiarized content will completely harm you business as well your name.

Begin with the Right Platforms
Well, everybody wants to have their platform of guest posting, a popular one, because everybody likes to see their post having more number of readers. But, getting to write for high-PR sites like Mashable, Engadget, TechCrunch etc is a not so easy task. What we need first is to practice to better our writing skills and build our own audience by posting in lower-PR sites. So, our next tip is to aim for the high-PR sites, but first try with smaller ones.

Adhere to your Blog’s Rules
Guest posting itself is not at all an easy task. It involves abiding to a lot of instructions and abiding to many guidelines that the blog owner imposes on us. Hence, we need to spend more time in understanding with all of their instructions and write content that perfectly suits their requirements. This gives raise to our next tip, which is to adhere to the blog owner’s rules.

Following these tips and improving your interest in writing would definitely contribute to your goal of becoming a ‘Best Content Writer India’.



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