5 Canny Ways to Handle Your Best Smartphones Smartly Tips


Depending on the version of Android your Smartphone is running on, tips often vary from model to model and are usually looked upon as more artful than those offered by iphone. General features are common to most of the Android phones but slight advancements in every latest product introduced the market are sometimes kept out of sight. Furthermore, every phone ensures to have intrigue and distinguishing properties that one needs to bring on for the best use. Here, we have assembled 5 Best Ways to Handle your Android Smartphones tips.

  1. Customization:Initially, Android users tend to face chaos while entangling in through many unknown apps but later you ought to extract as much as you can and this can be accomplished by using exclusive custom keyboard apps. App launcher and Yahoo aviate lets you create your home screen looks, or automatic organisation of multiple apps by type, time and location with frequent ease. You can also install diallers and caller ID apps to further customise your phone.
  1. Grab all of Google:An Android life is full of excitements as there’s a lot of unification if you’re aregular Google  The basic inevitable apps including Gmail, Calendar, Photos and others needs to work hand in hand and smoothly. Google’s voice assistant is another amazing “OK Google”. The current version of Android (Marshmallow) is Google Now on Tap, which potentially acts near to Google-powered footnote that allows you to visualize whatever you’re reading by simply tapping a word and you’ll get a boundless Google search about it.
  2. Know what you’re sharing:To do so, you can view Settings menu and Applications Manager to understand a particular app thoroughly along with a list of permissions and explanation. Discover the role and function of the app you have downloaded and interpret the purpose it is meant for.
  3. Play around with your defaults:Another major benefit that can be encountered by an Android user is that you can specifically perform any task using that particular app directly rather than messing around on the mobile web, such that using a PDF reader, YouTube app for document reading or watching videos online respectively. Samsung Galaxy S6 presents a menu called Default applications, which enlists all the defaults you’ve selected on your phone.
  4. Extend your phone’s battery life:One of the appreciable feature is power-saving mode which automatically pops on when your phone’s battery reaches a particular battery discharge percentage. All you have to do is to tap Battery option of your Settings menu and choose power-saving mode option to set it at a certain level where it can save of battery consumption by switching off few running apps so as to deliver you an extra hour or saves battery life when you’re running low.

Tie up your knots to hold an Android Smartphone which runs more efficiently than that it is expected to. Above decoded secrets lets you improve your phone’s performance and gets a smart user out of you.



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