How To Surprise Your Hubby This Valentine’s day 2016


May be your husband is so much busy that he could not take you for outings these days, but still at the back of his mind he is always thinking of you. May be he will not express openly about how he feels for you, but when he gets a gift from you on Valentine’s day that you have purchased by saving the pocket money that you get, he gets overwhelmed with affection. Of course if you are a working woman, you can gift your man something expensive and that he can use, but the love is reflected in both the ways.


When you are buying a gift for your husband you need to understand you are buying it for a matured man. So, either you can gift him something that can be kept for entire life or can be of some use to him.

Valentine day gifts idea 2016

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Watches are something that every man is in love with. Valentine’s Day is the day of love and you can increase it more by fulfilling your man’s love for watches. Depending upon the brand and style what your man loves, gift him a watch and see the smile on his face.


Valentine Day Gifts


Perfumes are again one such gift item that can be great for husbands. There are many brands such as Versace and Polo that may last for many years. Select such a perfume for your husband and keep the fragrance on for coming many years.


Valentine Day Gifts Ideas


Apart from various other items that you can gift your husband, you can also gift him various personalized gift items on this special occasion of Valentine’s Day. You can customize a t-shirt with you two or can gift him a key ring that may have your name and his name written together. Also sometimes photo frames with a picture of you two can be a great idea that your husband can keep on his office desk.




  1. Ha ha, nice one.. Watches are a very good gift. I would personally refrain from beer as a gift but maybe leather wallets or ties, perfumes can be some good gifts too 🙂


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