10 Free Cool Apps For Android and iPhone 2016

cool apps for android

There are many cool apps for android available in the market that is even suitable for your iPhone and, surprisingly, some of these are free to use. Here you can check list of 10 cool free apps that you can use and make your Android and iPhone attractive.


It is world’s largest social network brings a strongly honed feel to the Android and iPhone, but however still allows you to access your feeds, contacts and some other necessary information. These functionalities make Facebook best and cool android apps among all.

cool apps for android


We did somewhat of a double-take on considering name of Microsoft attached to this, not slightest given the lack of a cost-tag. But it is an actually great view application; it’s comprehensible and fun to use features, mainly when you are watching your views take shape while you capture them.

cool apps for android LinkedIn Pulse

RSS has a standing for being a quite dry expertise, feeding you tedious headline’s lists. RSS’s Pulse flips on its head, offering feed’s streams that catch your attention with images.

cool apps for android


The Nike+ prospect but superior and for completely free could sound unlikely, but provided by RunKeeper. Earlier split into ‘free’ and ‘pro’ versions, the app developer now openhandedly comprises all the important features in one free application.

cool apps for android

National Rail Enquiries

For everyone travelling by train, this app is useful. There is a planning of journey, location-aware, timetables and option of ‘next train home’, with tracking your progress, thus you can check when a train’s possible to show up.

cool apps for android


Ample of applications available for transferring content between your PC and your mobile, but Dropbox is completely easier and free to use compare to others. Dump files you need to sync in a specific folder on your system and Dropbox for your mobile will allow you to use them, easily download, and, in some cases, you can check them.

cool apps for android

Movies by Flixter

Even though some features of cinema listings application Movies by Flixter are insufficiently US-centric, you can without any difficulty use this app and check movie’s time, place etc. You can book your show also.

cool apps for android


It is very popular app for both Android and iPhone users. With the help of this application you can without any difficulty chat with your friends. If you want you can make free video call. You can also call your friends with this application but for this option you need some Skype credit.

cool apps for android

Music pads (Loop)

Music pads is the most excellent application for both Android and iPhone users, utilizing a grid-based view which allows you to turn notes off and on and compose harmonious and pleasing loops; your creations can be saved, edited as well as uploaded to share with your friends.



In sincerity, Comics is a somewhat embarrassed compared to utilizing it on an Android phone or iPad, but you wouldn’t find a wonderful comics experience on an iPhone. This application is completely free, as are numbers of downloadable comics.

cool apps for android


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