Top 5 Best Gift ideas For Men and Women on Christmas 2015


Today i want to tell you  what are the Christmas gifts that you can give to your friends, they are the items that i personally thinks fits a bill for good gift for those of you who needs few suggestions so with that said let’s start-

I-pad mini

Apple launched a few one which include the ipad mini.This tablet is 7.9 inches making a slightly bigger than the Kindle but still small enough to feel comfortable with extended one hand use. Although the mini may be smaller than the previously released I-pad’s it packs a a lot of punch with a A5 processor, it lacks the retina display but the image quality is still fairly good. It is an awesome gift but the price point at $329 it is quite expensive.


Bose Mie2i Headphones

This is the best pair of in hear headphones with a tip that truly contours to your ear, these are extremely comfortable and fits in your ears with a slight reduction of outside sound. You can answer call, change music tracks all from your headset. Sound production from this speakers are rich and very well balanced allowing you to hear your tunes without any trouble. These earphones only come in $116 is nearly worth the buck.


Logitech UE Mobile Boombx

This might be a good option for you, this little device produce rich sound.It has light weight, sleek and portable design. This speaker can easily be carried in your bag. With a ability to play a music double as a speaker phone impair to eight devices via Bluetooth is a wireless speaker may suit the needs for whom you are shopping for with a price point of $99 getting a quality wireless speaker with feature that some of its competitor don’t even offer for even a higher price point.

Logitech UE Mobile Boombox


Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover

This keyboard can be connected to your ipad via Bluetooth to make typing a bit easier giving you more of a laptop feel,a keyboard contain short cuts very  similar to a desktop keyboard allow you to take  advantage of volume controls search functions browsing the net and many other options all with in your keyboard. There are few color options to choose from depending on your place of purchase. The battery life is amazing allowing your for six month keyboard power from a single charge. With a price tag 78-79$ this might be consider as a option.

Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover


 Kindle Fire HD

If you need a gift for someone who loves to read once a small tablet that will allow them to  store  their books electronically with a few other dishes that include movies, video  chatting and downloading apps  then the Kindle fire tablet might suit  their taste. With a 1200*800 HD display with anti glare technology and 1.2 dual gigahertz a dual core  processor  this tablet with provide you and alternative  to the ipad and the Google nexus 7. With this tablet you can quickly access your Amazon account and explore facebook twitter Netflix HBO and many other apps all from your Kindle Fire HD.Priced at only $199  this may be one of the gifts.


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