LG Launches a phone with two screens, also unveils Urbane Watch in 2015  



What came as a shock for the contemporaries and a gift for the users, LG launches a phone with two screens and with dual front cameras. A lot of speculations were being made before the launch of this phone but LG has put a full stop to all the rumors. LG used the same platform for introducing the second edition of Urbane Watch. People have been waiting for the second edition of this amazing watch whole-heartedly.


Keeping all the rumors and specifications aside, lets talk about the two screens of the phone. The first and the foremost screen are of 5.7 inches in size and the second screen is an inset screen over the first screen. The second screen is an IPS Quantum display. On the other hand, the second edition of the Urbane Watch is being hailed as the first ever-Android wearable with cellular connectivity.

The second edition of urbane watch has new and exciting features like Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and Bluetooth connectivity. The life is going to be so simple now, all because of a smart watch. You can keep in touch with your people and also with the world of Internet at any instance. The world is going to get much better with its launch. The watch will be made available first in America and then Korea.

LG has declared the first screen will be used for all the contemporary usages while the second inset screen can be use for displaying important details like weather, battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can also add your favorite apps on this inset screen and simplify your life.


The set of dual front cameras are of 5 MP each and posse’s different lenses know them. The camera provides with an option of 120-degree rotation. The dual front cameras are designed for people addicted to selfie. The dual camera allows HD, FHD and UHD recording. The camera allows the phone bearer to take classy selfies during night as well.

Steady record and EIS are yet another amazing video recording options. These features are known to enhance video recording options. The phone comes pre-installed with software packages for video editing and photo editing.

LG V10 has a safeguard screen case ensuring extra safety for the phone during all circumstances.

The LG Urbane second edition is here to revolutionize the way world moves. One touch call connectivity and overall Internet on the watch are few things that will help professionals in managing things better.

The LG V10 has a 64 GB internal memory. The phone also supports up to 2TB of external data. The 16 MP rare cameras is a treat for people who all are addicted to clicking photos and making grand memories. The phone operates on the Android Lollipop 5.1.

LG is expecting to build a new set of customer across the world with these new launches. The company aims to help people in fasten their professional works with these amazing tech gadgets.


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