Facebook Bug Lets You See How Many People Viewed Your Post


Recently, really started to talk about a Facebook bug that you can see exactly how many people have looked at your post on Facebook. Twitter users were the first to announce the news after they spotted on their profile, an option that displays the number of views, your photo or video next to the post option. But those who are big fans on Facebook and use it constantly certainly noticed that lately there appear some changes.

Giant social networks reveal a statement similar to the counting of views, which through the analytical tool for those who are page owners called “Reach”. Facebook confirmed that individual users should not be seen any form of statistics as opposed to the number of likes, comments and share their opinions. If the company Input option as counting the views of individual posts, it’s sure that some users will approve this option while others will feel anxiety on their profiles. Others also think that their shared opinions and comments will never be popular as their relative friendly groups. While research will support the decision that Facebook causes some level of depression among loyal customers.


The issue that we have mentioned, about the bug, which is currently present only Facebook’s mobile site, not in the official Facebook application and is already working on solving this problem according to The Verge. They say that they have already contacted with Facebook, but still no response. But according to the latest information confirmed by Facebook to The Verge who says currently working to squash the bug, to eliminate the counting of view of all users as soon as possible. The changes that are making a great effort should already have had an effect.

Facebook Bug


But to be honest, the end result if you post a video or photo in your link, it will never be as popular as your friend or group ClickHole, BuzzDeed video on how to make a good meal. Still unclear is whether the metrics that count viewpoints completely true. Recently I commented at an official side where my comment was seen by 4 million people. On his Facebook page, which has more than 165 million likes receiving only about 75,000 post views associated with the advancement of global Internet access. It is really strange and illogical right, but who knows.

Facebook Bug

Research done by Stanford University and Scientific Facebook data team found that the average Facebook user calculated in proportion reaches only about 35% of their friends to a post. This is an interesting and well-accepted fact that shows that users actually want to have a growing number of likes for their shared opinions. If you still see the option that displays the number of views, then enjoy while you can because Facebook has no plans to release this feature for users. This is an option that is there only for internal use, so you have to stay with the old likes, likes or thumbs, feeding our egos.


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