Samsung announced in January will launch the first Foldable Smartphone

foldable smartphone samsung

Often we heard some rumors like that Samsung will appear with something new and different from others. As a company Samsung to launch the first foldable smartphone and several prototypes with displays of bending to make a boom on the market. Samsung Company is known about how strange are their models, especially when we talk about smartphones, their strange lines and specific design of the Samsung devices. They are first that have made the first step of creating a super-sized smartphone, which at that time such a step was really strange.

Company from South Korea threatened a completely different design of the mobile device. Galaxy smartphone created in a different way, by adding specific commands designed curved edge display. It has never appeared such a prospect and function that certainly goes a step ahead of the other mobile devices. The latest news say that the folding technology is perfected and users will get a phone with a plastic display that can be slender two-part to easily fit in a pocket and will ensure his durability, so if the phone fall on the ground, the screen will not break.

foldable smartphone samsung

But as the announcers are more often lately, which, according to statements the company has already tested, we hope that in January we will have the opportunity to see the new Foldable Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy View is certified by the Bluetooth SIG. The latest information coming from Chinese social networks suggests that this technology will become a reality if you can believe the rumors, already in January next year can be expected device from Samsung with folding screen, which when opened, it should form a unified whole.

foldable smartphone samsung

Samsung smartphone foldable is encoded with Project Valley and tested with two different chipsets Qualcomm Snapdragon called 620 and Snapdragon 820. The mobile device includes a built-in battery, RAM memory 3GB included with an expandable memory.

foldable smartphone Samsung 2015

It is important to note that Samsung unannounced tests Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset. The results of this review were to determine whether this chipset will be included in the cooperation of these models and leaders or not. For future flexible screens bending and folding rumors have been heard for three years. Technology as such is represented long ago, but no commercialization. So far, there are a number of concepts and patents on this topic and realized only in the form of devices with mild curvatures, such as LG Flex or Edge models of Samsung.

In other news, the mysterious Galaxy View Samsung which was mentioned during the IFA event with an 18.4-inch tablet from the company that was actually certified Bluetooth SIG model SM-T670. A Bluetooth SIG listing of the tablet does not reveal many details about it and remain secret, except that it will be Bluetooth version 4.1.

Samsun eventually IFA event “threatening” with new product and what appeared to be a great tablet. Dubbed Galaxy view, mysterious enough to hide pretty details, but patiently wait for Samsun to announce this all. It is especially great news for those loyal fans of these mobile devices, which anxiously monitor every posting news about the Samsung Company and their new invention that definitely got more customers than previously.


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