9 New Intriguing Features of iOS9

iOS 9: Hidden Features, Details, and Availability

When it comes to the apple’s product, it becomes an obvious thing that it easily comes into every individual’s attention and the latest update of the iOS after the new launching of three new apple’s product the fresh version of iOS in new the talk of the town. So, it’s obvious to become intrigued that what now apple has got in the basket. So, to help you navigate around iOS9, I have listed all the new Features of iOS9 that were actually beyond the capabilities of iOS9.

  1. Settings search

We love each and everything about iPhone, but still the setting app has always been so crowded and confusing parts of the iPhone. For the first time you will have a search bar in the setting option where you can easily search the options you were looking for and can easily make the changes you want.

  1. Swipe right to invoke spotlight

In the latest version of iOS9, a spotlight has been reinstated. Earlier, before the iOS 7, spotlight were being invoked by simply moving from right to the main screen, however this, wasn’t I the scenario of the recent iOS versions. In the latest version you will have all the valuable suggestions for the applications and contacts based on what apps and your contacts at any specific time of the day. So, it’s even simpler to use Spotlight search by swiping downwards on the home screen.

  1. New back button

This is the fairy major changes in the iOS 9 that the interface will make available the links to go to back to the previous application. If you are using an application and clicking on the link which is taking you to the application, a link will be appeared on the left-hand corner of the screen.

  1. Keypad is new trackpad

This is somewhat awesome all you are required to do is play with the figures, like placing 2 fingers on iOS9 keyboard on the iPad and waiting until the letters disappear and such way your keyboard will become track pad.

  1. Picture-in-picture

Let’s say you are having fun with a video and at the same time you want to make some memorable notes with it the all you are required to do is simply tap on the video and you will make available with the PIP (Picture in Picture) button ad next thing you know what you have to do is.

  1. Navigation of the photos is must faster

Make use of the photo app and a new scrollbar at the bottom of the screen and enjoy the smoothly photo scrolling and a lot easier to find a specific picture.

  1. Custom numeric passcode

So, tired with the six digit passcode or with regular alphabets and numbers now with the latest update you can easily create your desirable custom passcode.

  1. Battery usage details:

Now, access a complete new whole dimension of the information and lets you determine the apps which applications are hogging your battery life.

  1. Mail improvements

You can easily markup to any photo; all you are required to do is tap, hold, press and markup. You can also annotate the picture and also add a digital signature.


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