Top 10 Best Internet Browsers for Windows Phone

Best -Browsers -for -Windows -Phone

Have you ever felt that you need a more accessible and a faster Internet browser? Something you can use even when you’re not in front of computer? Perhaps an easy way you can do portable browsing using a Windows Phone? Well, good news for you because there are now more suitable mobile browsers for your phone!

There are a lot of free mobile browsers available in Windows Phone store. As a user, we want something expedient to use. We want something that will suit our needs. Having said that, I have searched and gathered reviews from people about several browsers we can use. Take a look at these top 10 browsers Internet browsers for Windows Phone:

A mobile browser is a program that allows you to access the internet through your phone. Since internet has become a great mediator of our lives, people nowadays are being dependent with it. Not only it carries practical information, it can also be used to access sites for communication, entertainment, school or work related activities, and more. Thanks to the modern world today, we can now access internet in a fast pace using our phones.

UC Browser

UC Browser is considered as the most popular browser for Windows Phone. It releases regular updates that is why it is one of the best. UC Browser comes with host of features. It includes speed dial, Wi-Fi downloading, save to SD card, Bluetooth file sharing, and good interface. My favorite feature of this browser is that it can change the browser skin which can be used as lockscreen wallpapers as well. You can choose whatever style you want from UC Theme Center.

Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser is a popular web browser you can try for the platform. It is user friendly and high performance. The features will bring you best browsing experience from your Windows Phone. It is definitely worth checking out because it has good features and cloud integration. The browser uses two rendering engines: a) Trident, and b) Webkit. The two engines both handle newer and older pages. The speed is also beyond expected, even on image-heavy tabs.

Opera Mini Beta

Opera Mini Beta is yet another well known browser. It is available in multiple platforms that is why it is so accessible. The thing I can say in this browser is that it is free, secure and customizable for your browsing needs. I also like that it can reduce webpages down to 10% of their normal size because it can help you save data and allows you to browse in a faster and cheaper internet. The best feature in this said browser is that it focuses on security. You can definitely guarantee safety and data privacy using this one.

Nokia Xpress

Nokie Xpress is very popular because it compresses web pages. This means that you can make 85% data savings. It will allow you to browse faster which is why I recommend you using this if you are pushed out of time. Nokie Xpress has host of features that includes a magazine that brings all your favorite articles altogether. It can also save pages even if you’re not online. You can use this in opening pages and then saving it so you can read it later, or every time you’re free, or any time you wishes to. It’s definitely a wonderful browser.

SurfCube 3D Browser

This is one of my favorite browsers because SurfCube has an award winning 3D interface. I have to tell you, it is totally a pleasure to use this browser. It comes with a portal reading mode. It allows you to set open links to any page in new or background tabs by default. It also has a full HTML5 compatibility. What I like about this browser is that it can share links to Twitter, Facebook, and other networks. There is also private browsing and a desktop mode which are very useful to people.


Surfy is very useful web browser. It has tabs just like you use on desktops. Like other browsers, it reduces data usage down to 20%. You can enjoy reading in full screen, you can enable private browsing, you can save images, you can download and open files and videos, and it supports voice search that uses Cortana.

Internet Explorer

With features like tabs and favourites that allows you to sync across devices, InPrivate Browsing and built-in web page sharing, it is no doubt that Internet Explorer is one of the best browsers in Windows Phone. It just makes it easy to surf.

Touch Browser

Touch Browser is one of the best and it is also free. I love that it allows you to open multiple tabs and enables you to fast switching. You can also browse in full screen and auto hide address and app bar. This browser comes with an integrated Google, Bing and Yahoo search options.

Mini Browser

I think Mini Browser needs to make in the list because it supports multi-touch gestures. You can open up to 15 tabs at a time so it is really convenient and fast. Since it allows the user to open a lot of pages, it makes it easy to switch between your favorite pages smoothly and quickly. It is a neat alternative for any browser.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a new browser for Windows Phone. In my test, I can say it is clean, tight and responsive to use. It feels like a lightweight and fast. The browser’s built-in search is powered by Bing but you can change the settings if you want Google.

So there you have it, the top 10 mobile browsers you can use. The internet has changed our lives and luckily, developers have been creating new and convenient approach in browsing. Their features have its strengths that suit your needs. What do you think? Are you willing to try these browsers? What do you prefer or what are you eyeing to use? Share your thoughts with us and leave a comment below.


  1. Nano Browser is the browser who have many features that other browser don’t have. No doubt that other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera is very popular but these all browsers have same features. Moreover, most of the browsers is not compatible with other devices. I also switched to Nano Browser because I have not faced any issue while using it. And I can change the readable text according to me. This browser is awesome. I really love to work on this browser and I hope you also feel the same once you use this.


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