How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Without Losing Data


Officially, the final version of window 10 will be available to the users next year but still look at how to upgrade from your existing window versions to window 10 without facing any loss of important data and information.

The Straight Upgrade

Upgrade To Windows 10

The best way to upgrade to window 10 is to use Windows Update to keep all your settings, Software and programs safe and secure. It is the easiest and the no-fuss way to upgrade from Window 7 or 8. Just sign up for an auto-upgrade when you see a notification icon on the system bar once the window 10 releases. Not to worry! It’s all what you need.

Backing Up All The Settings And Apps

Upgrade To Windows 10

Using CloneAppyou can backup all your installed desktop programs and settings very easily. It is a portable app through which you can backup all your software, their files and folders. After downloading the app, all you need is to choose the programs that you want to keep and then just press the “Backup”. So, after finishing the task, just copy the entire clone app folder to an external storage device.

 Clean Installation

clean installation Upgrade To Windows 10

Once the clone app folder is copied, then do a clean installation of Window 10 using Bootable DVD or USB.  Once the installation is done, run the CloneAoo by plugging-in the external storage device and this time hit “Restore” and start reinstalling the programs.

But a fact is that, all personalized changes that you have made will be lost as their is no backup of these small tweaks. But it is not the problem to worry! It just takes the fractions of time to make all settings of your operating system in the way you like it.

Don’t Forget About Backing-Up The Drivers


Always remember to take the drivers with you and take care of them. suppose if you printer or any other hardware can not connect to windows due to faulty drivers then it’s pointless. All you have to do is to find outdated drivers and replace them. After that, use DriverBackup tool for locating and saving all the installed drivers. Move the DriverBackup on  a pen-drive and restore those drivers on your all new Window 10.

Full Windows Backup and Migration



If you want to have full window backup then try Zinstall app and EaseUS ToDo PC Trans Pro. As these two tools transfers all your previous system’s settings, programs, files and folders to your new Window 10. Must Try!!!


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