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Want to beat the traffic and manage a smooth drive while heading for a road travel trip, then direct your move as guided by the crucial social navigation apps. Now you can command your vehicle the way you want to experience a hassle free drive by simply learning about the traffic conditions such as finding parking spots, tracking the cheapest gas stations nearby or recalling the position of your parked car. Plan your ultimate road venture anywhere you go and drive smartly by using these tech advanced mobile apps on your fingertips. Grab the Best Driving Apps 2015 and rule the highways, bicycle routes or short roadways to reach your destination as early and securely as possible. Here is the organized list of some of the best social navigation apps.

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app contributing tons of real-time roadway information and saves your time by dodging traffic jams. It allows active reporting of accidents, police traps and other tragedies that you can coincidentally notice on the road. You can receive road alerts along the route. Moreover, you can add friends, share locations or keep others informed about your arrival time.

Features -Turn-by-turn voice guided navigation
-Live maps, consistently updated by Waze community map editors
– Automatic rerouting if conditions block the usual path on the road -Find the cheapest gas station in vicinity

Price: Free for Android, iOS and Windows Phones

CoPilot GPS – Navigation App

Tie your seat belts tight and enjoy your personal high performance GPS navigation app to escort you to the destined landmark.


-Offline navigation:stored street maps -Turn-by-turn voice directions and plan new routes -Driver-friendly 3D guidance at every move -Speed limit warnings and speedometer where required

Price: Free for Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Google Maps

Keep up the pace to travel without delays and find the best spots, bars or restaurants with basic information you need to get about them.

Features -Voice-guided GPS navigation for driving, biking, and walking -Excellent integration with other Google software -Offline maps and traffic updates

Price: Free for Android & iOS

Komoot — Hike & Bike GPS Maps

It is one of the smart & easy ways to experience the great open air trips. This app is exclusively for hikers and bikers as it assists them with topographic maps, turn-by-turn navigation, recommendations & much more.

Features -Smart Tours organized to your fitness level and sport preferences including road or mountain biking -Predict the distance to be traveled

-Follow your friends and join outdoor adventures

Price: variable, free for first map only and available for android & iOS

Marine Navigation

It takes you from road to a voyage by creating an automated archive so that you can navigate on preloaded marine maps when smartphone connection fades off.

Features -Deep Chart / Altitude Chart -Knows about 4000 Sea Ports -Anchor Alert

Price: Rs.427.66

Save your money and time by just activating these useful apps on your handsets so as to savour a pleasure drive and eschew the bumpy barriers.


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