Top 10 Must-Have Safety Applications For Women In India

Best -Apps- for- Women - Safety- Security-2015

We are living in a time which is progressive and fast paced. With all the modern amenities up our sleeve, life definitely has become smooth and easy but nothing much has improved on women safety. Whenever a friend or a near and dear one goes to some place alone at night, we keep worrying about her. If a friend or relative is staying away from home then the fear gets worse.

So, with partnering technology, women can now live a more safe and secure life. Women can now choose from a number of safety applications which are now downloadable on your smart phone devise and by paying a minimum charge you can get a full year’s safety. In anguish, mobile phones can save your life through the security apps.

Best -Apps- for- Women - Safety- Security-2015

The ten best safety applications for women in India are as follows:

0Hour Women Safety App

This app can be downloaded for free on Android based phones. It can be extensively used by women during distress situation. This app will emit a loud sound when the owner of the device is in danger. Also, it automatically enables the audio, video and camera features of the device. It will also start sending messages to the emergency contact list for help.

SOS-Stay Safe

This is a very effective app which can start working with just a shake of the device. One can customize the intensity of the shake as per personal requirement. This app sends SOS alerts to friends and family as per the emergency contact list. Along with message, it also sends location of the user and one minute audio recording. The GPS of this app makes tracking easier. There are two versions of this app one free and the other one paid.

bSafe- Personal Safety App

This app can be downloaded for free. It has a guardian alert button which sends alert message to your friends and family. It has GPS to track location. It also has an additional feature that is the fake call feature. Using a fake call feature one can make the phone ring to pose that some friend or family has called.

SafetiPin- Complete Safety App

This app can also be downloaded for free. It has a special feature to gauge a new locality’s safety conditions. This app will provide you pictures and comments on the area you are looking for along with a detailed safety score. So, this app will prove very handy if you are planning to move to a new place and unsure about its safety.

Women Safety Shield Protection

This is also a free app by SmartShehar. It has an emergency button to take pictures which can be sent along with the location to the emergency contact list.

Women Safe Circle

This app can be downloaded only on windows phone and it ensures one to stay connected with a selected list of contacts who can be called or sent alert to during emergency.


It can be used on Android devices. It can send a distress signal either through a single click or through shaking the device. It can track locations and update it after every 300 meters.

On Watch

It is an iOS app which can be used to set customized alerts. First it sends alert to the user and on no response it will start sending messages to friends and family.

Alert Us

It is for blackberry users. Along with the emergency alert, it also enables family to locate whereabouts.

Scream Alarm

This is a free safety alarm that screams imitating a woman’s voice. It can be downloaded on Android phones.

The above mentioned are the best must-have safety applications 2015  that can be downloaded on smart phones to provide safety to women. Rather than living life in uncertainty, it is better to ensure that either of these apps are present on your loved one’s device to protect her.



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