The Best Apps For The Book Connoisseurs

The Best Apps For The Book Connoisseurs

For generations now, the wisest of women and men have enjoyed their companionship with books to gain as much knowledge as possible. It is a well known fact that many poets, scholars and intellectuals have gained inspiration from reading books. Books are also a great instrument to escape into a far away world, as they allow us to experience things that we have never done, seen or even heard of. Books also transport us to distant places in a matter of seconds, such is the power of words.

The Best Apps For The Book Connoisseurs

Things have changed; we now have gadgets and technologies that we might have never dreamt would be possible. And one of those changes is being witnessed in the world of books. Now smartphones, tablets and other such gadgets have begun to replace books. All the big enlightened minds have adopted them, even though they admit that the feeling of holding a book and being able to actually turn the pages is missing. But none the less the convenience of carrying thousands of eBooks on a single device cannot be overlooked.

For all those of you who simply cannot do without reading even while on the bus, train or airplane, we have brought you a list of the best eBook apps available for download:



The Best Apps For The Book Connoisseurs 2015


Now if we talk about eBooks and don’t mention Amazon’s immensely popular Kindle would be a gross injustice. Amazon has a vast library and with this app you have access to it whenever you want. The Kindle app also allows you to download and store eBooks of well known writers. The app also has thousands of these eBooks that you can read and download for free. Amazon knows that not everyone has the same choice, so you can read the first chapter of a book and if you like it you can proceed to buy the book.


The Best Apps For The Book Connoisseurs

This is a unique app of the social-networking website intended exclusively for book lovers. Passionate readers from, around the world, enjoy the app because it not only allows them to read eBooks, write reviews and rate books but also interact with other book aficionados. Another neat trick on the app is the barcode scanning feature where-in you simply scan a book’s barcode and all relevant information about that particular book will be at your fingertips.  Goodreads is a very cool app that all book connoisseurs should have on their smartphone.


The Best Apps For The Book Connoisseurs

Nook is another free app that boasts of a huge collection of more than three million eBooks, eMagazines, comics, audio books and newspapers. Out of the three million books, more than one million eBooks are free to read and download. You can also make minor changes in the interface of the app such as change the color of the background etc.


The Best Apps For The Book Connoisseurs

Kobo is the most interactive application on our list of eBook apps. The app offers its users a reading list of over 3.4 million eBooks that are either free or cost very little. Apart from this the app has some very interesting competitions and quizzes which once cleared will reward you with a surprise. The app also lets you time yourself, so you can track exactly how long it took you to complete a book.


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