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Every tooth inside our mouth is more valuable than a diamond in a ring as it not only beautifies the smile but also nourishes and reflects your blissful moments.You don’t look happy until you smile, and it’s not a smile unless you show your teeth.To have an aesthetically attractive smile, we run after dentists because he is the one who frames these building blocks inside the oral cavity taking a proper care of teeth and maintaining a healthy-wealthy facial infrastructure.We provide you the finest way to get access to dentistry and related oral health issues on dental study apps.

If you are one of those dental aspirants who are looking for sure short accomplishment of their aim, then don’t confuse your mind by going through a maze of articles,journals and lots of other study apps.

Dental Boards Mastery: NBDE I


Higher learning technology created in partnership with the University of Iowa College of Dentistry that effectively helps you study less, score higher and gain more.It has scientifically proven flash cards that makes memorizing easier – saves time,work load and frustration.

Salient Features

Dental boards mastery helps you to understand concepts more quickly with illustrative pictures(over 100 pictures) focusing commonly on  tested facts.  It visualizes and monitor your progress by evaluating advanced statistics.NBDE instantly filter and search flashcards based on keywords.This is a smart study application that instills your mind with fundamental NBDE Concepts and Facts more efficiently.

It offers you with thousands of practice questions and rationales based on past NBDE exams.Most of the dental students prefer this app as it delivers most comprehensive list of NBDE mnemonics for quick memorization ,cutting time short for easy grasping of scientific medical terminologies.

It refines your study approach with quizzes containing unique queries of all categories and maintains a track record of your performance.Sometimes, it can be pestered with few errors but every possible ways are carried to fix them as soon as reported.Download the app to fasten up your learning skills and master NBDE.

Dental Anesthetic


Dental anesthetic can help oral surgeons to take their career to the notch by adding infinite knowledge regarding different types of anesthetic agents and their suitable use.

Salient Features

Every Health professionals whether studying medicine, Ayurveda or dentistry  have a duty to know the detailed medical history and personal habits of his patients.Being the only well wishers concerned about their health,it’s their prior duty to administer the appropriate anesthetic drugs indicated for patients with some previous medical history including pregnancy,diabetes, thyroid ism, hypertension , bleeding disorders or drug associated allergies in order to prevent any mishap by complicating the disease further.

Hence,its important to have a wide overview of all drugs classified as anesthetic agents,study their indications and contra indications,adverse effects and  apply correct dosage depending upon the case selected.

Dental Anatomy


This chief application offers you a free educational tool for acquisition of knowledge about simple dental anatomy.

Salient Features

This study app serves you anatomical description of various oral structures giving you a brief information of Jaws: Upper and Lower Jaw ,
Teeth: Notation, Definition and Orientation ,Masticatory apparatus-teeth with their supporting structures, temporomandibular joint, muscles of mastication, tongue, lips,cheeks, and oral mucosa.
Dental Restoration Types – Including Copings, Veneers, Inlays, Crowns, Bridges, Abutments, Dental Bars and much more

Download this app and end up your search of going through bundles of books.This learning Zone takes you through smart,quick and efficient dental study store.

Pass it! Dental Hygiene


Pass It! is a way for Dental Hygiene Students to all subjects that are in the National Board Exam.It is fun way to test your knowledge eliminating elements of boredom.
Use this app to cut down on study time by simply finding the subjects you are strong and weak in.Try making a learning process interesting by utilizing meticulously framed topics of dental subjects  in short studying hours.Study Smarter… Not Harder!
Subjects include:
Oral Pathology
Dental Materials
Period ontology
Special Patients
Local Anesthesia

 Oro Dental Lesions


Every dental professional must have a detailed understanding of lesions that manifests in oral cavity so as to correctly diagnose a disease and decide the treatment plan accordingly.
Salient Features
This app presents the first smart phone educational application in the field of clinical dentistry designed to serve you the basic source for the identification of common diseases and conditions of the mouth and jaws.
Dental practitioners and students can readily access a wide spectrum of diseased entities elaborated with photographs and radio graphs .Following oral lesions are discussed in this dental app:

Oral mucosal diseases(pigmented lesions, bullous lesions….)
Salivary gland disorders(Pleomorphic adenoma,Sjogren’s syndrome….)
Odontogenic diseases(OKC, COC….)
Benign and malignant conditions(oral cancers- squamous cell carcinoma…)

Other general conditions manifested in the mouth are also reflected. Although the text and illustrations are not totally comprehensive, it is an initial attempt towards a much elaborated and defined version.
Go for these best recommended Free dental study tools for your cell phones within your reach at any time.


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