5 android games that got famous through Facebook


Recently gaming has become a free time hobby not only for the teenagers but for many such youngsters who have crossed teenage far before. Smartphones has brought this craze of games and today almost everyone with smartphones is prone to different android games. Maximum of the individuals play games through Facebook and hence recently a number of android games have got famous. You must have also played or must be playing recently games like Subway Surfer or Candy Crush recently on your android smartphone.

Temple Run


It can be said that the craze for gaming on smartphone devices with Facebook started with this game Temple Run. As by the name, this is a running game. Your character runs in a huge temple, crossing various hurdles in order to reach its goal. On the way he collects coins that he can use in various tasks such as buying items from the in-app store. With beautiful visuals and excellent sound effects, no doubt this game has mesmerized many smartphone users and since then may be the trend of playing android games on smartphones started.

Subway Surfer

Subway Surfer

After Temple, one more running game that almost every one played on their smartphone device was Subway Surfer. Here your character runs on the railway track, protecting itself from the coming trains, poles and many other hurdles on the way. Collect coins and also score high to be at the top of the leader score board. Earlier, there was a score board where only facebook friends playing this game were visible. But in the upgraded version, different players from the world wide are visible on the score board.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush saga

If you are not interesting in the running game with monotonous game play, then you can try out this amazing puzzle game. Just match the same colored candies and keep on completing the challenges provided. With amazing graphics of juicy candies and great background you are taken to a world of chocolates and candies. You will get endless levels to cross and each level have 10-12 stages to cross. If you have exhausted all the 5 lives of the game, you can wait for another few hours for the lives to recover you can take help from your Facebook friends to get more lives.

Candy Crush Soda

Candy Crush Soda

Another version of Candy Crush Saga is the Candy Crush Soda. Experience sodalicious moments in the game with soda popping bottles and soda candies. Similar to Candy Crush Saga, here in this game also you will have endless number of levels to play and you can take help from your Facebook friends to get more lives and also to unlock a level. Cross various challenges such as collecting bottles, collecting ingredients, eating the chocolates and finding the hidden bears from the jelly.

Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga

Again this is an amazing game that many people play on their smartphone connecting with Facebook. With a background visual of a farmhouse, you will enjoy the graphics of various different pet animals and their funny sounds. Similar to the games of Candy Crush, in this game also you have to match objects to complete your challenge. You will have different vegetables and flowers in your blocks that you have to match in a line to complete various challenges of the level. With endless levels of different themes, you will enjoy great days in this game of Farm Heroes Saga.

Recently, there are a number of many other android games that you can play through Facebook such as Bubble Witch Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and many others. But the above mentioned 5 android games have become quite famous now that are played by a huge number of Facebook users on their android smartphone device.


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