Our 8 Picks For the Free and Latest Comeback Android Apps

Free and latest Android apps

We recently released the Newest and Most Awesome 6 Useful Apps and here’s our extraordinary appreciation post of the Top 8 Android Apps that truly deserve more viewers than they have right now. Have you ever thought of clicking in to the Play Store and just spend the hour searching for the best apps that suits your lifestyle? There are almost a million free apps out there! But not all of them get the chance to be viewed by the mass. The problem is there are so many useful and convenient apps out there begging to be downloaded on your phone and give you an incredible impression that it can take care of itself and do its job- to customize and take your Android experience to the next level and even beyond.

So we created our list of the 8 Amazing Android Apps that should be In Your Phone right now!

Swipes- Plan Tasks

Download Swipes-To-do & Task List

Swipes is an essential kit for individuals to keep track of their daily grind. A handy app that you can install on your phone that offers helpful features such as outlining daily tasks on a timeline and set your priorities at work by scheduling quick alarms as a reminder of the things you can do ahead of time. There is a very friendly app that constantly reminds you of the tasks you should complete by the end of the day.


Download Chromatic App

Who said you can’t be your own teacher when it comes to Music? Chromatik presents you variety of music sheets such as different tabs, chords, and essential lead sheets for practicing your composition of music! First, you have to pick your instrument you are playing; cello, guitar, piano, saxophone, bass and other musical instruments and be ready for a mind-blown interface prepared for you by Chromatik. At this time, Chromatik has 10,000 plus of downloads. We know it can be better than that.


Download Tinkerplay App

Unleash your creativity with this Autodesk app made for you to design your own creatures. More like of building creatures out of anything in the built-in part library. From monsters that crawl and fly at the same time to modern robots it’s all possible here! You can access your own creation by easily setting it up ready for 3D printing.


Download Snapi App

This selfie app made its way to the best entry app in Google Play since it has downloads of 50,000 plus. Snapi was introduced by EyeSight to provide a more convenient and easy way of taking your selfies. With Snapi, you will no longer be required to snap the capture button on your phone but make gesture instead in front of your camera! The farthest you can be is within 4 meters- making it possible for you to take that glorious groupie shots ever. That’s one hot move from an android app brought to you by Snapi!

Open imgur

Download Open Imgur App

Is an open source android application that gives you a bit of Instagram functionality. You can share photos with everyone in the Open Imgur community and earn points thru the sharing system. Get connected with people all around the globe!

 Fun Fit

Download Fun Fit App

Is different from the Noom Coach we featured in our earlier post because it lets you get connected with your Facebook friends to invite them to a daily workout challenge and compare your accomplishments with them. Who would want working out alone? No man is an island, so no one would want to do the fit road alone. Put your phone on your pocket or inside your bag; once you are logged in to the Fun Fit system it will record your daily activities such as step counts, calories burned, and distance you were able to walk/run. It totally makes everything easier at your hands!

 Runtastic Libra Weight Tracker

Download Tuntastic Libra Weight Tracker App

This app is far from the ordinary weight loss tracker because believe it or not it lets you see your realistic milestones and measurements that will push you to your limit of doing more activities for a leaner and healthier body. It’s more fun tracking your weight loss and there’s indeed a lot of fun in continuing the hard work because of the results you see in your body.

3DMark Sling Shot Benchmark

Download 3DMark Sling Shot Benchmark App

Who says you can’t use your smart phone to create an exemplary graphic design? 3DMark Sling Shot gives you the latest tools to take your digital arts creation to the upgraded version even when you are only using your phone. This is indeed, a very handy app that lets you create more visuals that are enticing to the eyes.


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