Facebook Banking? Facebook messenger lets you receive cash from friends


Ever since its launch Facebook has always remained the favourite of billions of people using social media platforms to interact with friends and family across the globe. With billions of user profiles and a number of ownerships under it names, Facebook stretches its limits to a whole new level with the all new Facebook messenger app. Are you looking forward to sending some easy cash to your friends? Well, in that case Facebook has come up with the right app for you. Considering the amount of time you spend on Facebook, the Facebook messenger with its latest features becomes the app with first priority, when you need to transfer some cash to your buddy in need. With increasing competition trying to take away its users, Facebook launches this latest app, to keep its present users put in place and also attract new users.


Facebook declares free money transfer facility with its all new Facebook messenger app.

17th of February 2015, saw the Facebook management declare that now Facebook friends could transfer cash to each other using the all new developments in the Facebook messenger app. What do you need to do for this? Apart from upgrading your present messenger app, or downloading the latest version, you need to sync your Master Card or Visa Card details with your Facebook profile to be able to exchange cash between Facebook friend profiles.

But how do you send the cash?

Once you have downloaded the latest version of the app, all you need to do is click on the dollar sign in the chat window to be able to transfer cash to that particular friend from your master card or visa debit card account. It is as simple as that. Money transfer was never so easy. As a result of this most convenient transfer system, the latest messenger app from Facebook is being used by more than 500 million people, which is anticipated to increase further in the near future.

This piling of new and highly convenient features by Facebook to its messengers is like a factory of nightmares for its competitors. Recently emerged apps like Square Cash, Snapchat, etc are dreading the ever increasing popularity of the Facebook messenger that can very easily snatch from them their newly emerged users. It is estimated that the Facebook messenger will also come to dominate mobile phone messaging in the due course of time, occupying the monopoly in the sector. Hence all in all with features like this, which are easy to wrap your head around, Facebook is only to find millions of new users for the Facebook Messenger app.


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