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Check 10 Best WordPress Themes For Adsense Earning 2015

Any wordpress theme has to be chosen in regards to the various policies and also as per the quality guidelines. This is done so that the website can match up with all the criteria that are being valuable, unique and also engaging. Thus, there is a lesser chance of the website being getting disabled. As adsense is a much profitable program for advertising a website hence, a user has to choose from a wide range of proper wordpress themes. Some of the most recent wordpress themes can be listed below:


TruePixel Responsive & Felixble WordPress Blog Theme


Though the theme TruPixel is not exactly created for adsense but there are a number of features of this theme that makes it perfect for advertisement settings. The very main option is that you can choose whether you wish to have a navigation menu or not for your advertisement placement. Secondly, it offers the space where high resolution banners of Google can be used at the sidebar.Viral Nova was the initial website that has started using the wordpress theme Trupixel until they had their own custom design.


Clickright WordPress Theme - ThemeBounce

Clickright is a word-press theme that has been designed keeping the purpose of ad-sense in thinking. Apart from Clickright, the developer of the theme has also developed more two similar themes of word-press mainly devoted to Ad-sense. The developer company claims that their themes are developed exactly for SEO and are responsive and also super fast.


UnoBlog WordPress Theme

This particular word-press theme is mainly a template with grid base and has been designed in such a way that it can deliver the content of the website in an interesting way. Thus, this particular theme can be said proper for advertising world and features speed and also high CTR.

WP Prosperity

WP Prosperity WordPress ThemeMany people would think WP Prosperity to be a wrong selection in the list but the features of theme actually demands to be in the list of best 10 wordpress themes. It features various and amazing options of customization and also a proper management system of advertising. You can have the advertising at any possible place you want, whether it is the header or the footer or any other place out of your virtual imagination.


Nominal Premium WordPress Blog Theme

Nominal wordpress theme is considered among the 10 best wordpress themes because of its professional look that helps in keeping the viewer stay on the page without going back to the next option soon. The theme is known to provide such units or Adsense ad that surely encourages high range of clicks on the site.


Pixeldom WordPress Theme

Pixeldom theme has been mainly designed and developed for SEO and high speed. This is because it offers the best Adsense ad unit that measures the size 728×90. The theme also offers the option of having the best units to be present in between the articles as a story break.


Pinstagram Pinterest Inspired WordPress Theme

There would be again many people who will not consider this particular theme to be an appropriate theme for Adsense but the fact is that the theme has been designed in such a way that a single post on the website with this theme can also attract a large number of viewers.


Download Da Vinci Theme

Finally this theme will be approved by many people due to its amazing features and options that make the layout easy in manipulation and management. Apart from this particular feature there are many more options provided by the theme DaVinci that can ensure that you will get the best from your ads. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that the theme can actually change your website to a site of your dreams.


Sensational Magazine WordPress Theme


I am sure you not only want a high number of traffic on your website but also want your visitors to retain. And hence, a great theme Sensational can be the perfect theme for retaining the visitors on your website. With a very flexible look, you can easily handle this theme and can manage it as per your wish.


SociallyViral WordPress Theme To Increase Social Shares

Finally we have a theme that is used by the users who also use social media in generating traffic. Along with a number of options for ensuring profit, there is also an option of subscriber list that can help in getting your post viral.

These were the best 10 word-press themes for Adsense earning as per our research, but I am sure that there must be many more other such word-press themes that can help you in Adsense earning and grow profitable via your website. So, just compare some of the best themes and then select a particular perfect one to get the best profits out of your ads.


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