Best SEO strategies that need consideration in 2015


Search engines are the best way today to get a business or organization recognized online. To help the various online firms in gaining such recognition there are a number of SEO or search engine optimization tactics that people are using now. Here are 11 such tactics that you can use to benefit your online firm this year.

The age old concept of contents

This is an old method but is still fruitful in the New Year. A well written and informative content is liked by even the people who are not much into reading. And the great concept of liking something and sharing it has increased the various possibilities of earning links.

Searching your result in lists

Search for options like ‘top 10’ or ‘best 10’ where you can get your website. If your website is not available in such searches then you should contact your publisher to do so because these searches often put a strong impact over the readers.

Editorial Links

Often there are some editorial links that include your website for reviews and guest posts. This can also act as a strong SEO tactics and is equally an easy way to get the maximum links on your website.

Broken Link

There are many broken links online that needs replacement. You can search such links and can contact the webmaster of that particular broken link give the option of an alternative with your website.

Adding links

If you search properly, you can notice many places where your website has been used without any credit to you, Search for such links to increase the Seo of your website properly.

Common audience

For this you need a good rapport with some links. You can contact these links to share their audience with you. Make sure that the sites are not your competitors, in the sense they are of some different business.

Site Analysis

People often have a track of their competitor’s links to analyze them. This can also be a great way to get traffic from the back links of the site.


It is not always true that the keywords bring appropriate number of traffic. You should use certain metrics along with keywords also for conversions.

Creating a strategy

Present day strategies are more logical than the old day concepts. Now you can create your own strategies for SEO such as new keywords that can seem interesting to the audience. Also the concept of stuffing too much keyword in a bad content is gone. In place of that a good content with keyword on the flow helps in good traffic.

Other engines apart from Google

Apart from Google other search engines like Yahoo and Bing are the new attraction for various people. People now also search in Yahoo and hence optimizing for these search engines can also increase the traffic for your website.

Use of mobile

The current period is known as mobile times. So, a very common and easy way of increasing your traffic on your website is to promote it with the help of mobile marketing.





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