10 Must-Have Free Android Apps for New Android users

10 Must-Have Android Apps

Android Market has introduced an application for almost everything. Modern man is very much dependent on  applications these days for their various important activities. But when the market is flooded with so many applications, sometimes more than one application for one particular activity, then it becomes really difficult to judge and select the correct one. So, here are some of the most important applications on the count of 10 that you must have in your android device and gadget.

AntiVirus Security – FREE Download


If you are carrying an Android phone, then it becomes very important that you should keep it protected from the various viruses that can affect the files and system of your device. The application AVG Antivirus is not only affective on various malware threats but also it protects your device in many other ways such as theft. Along with this feature you also have Find/Locate Option, enabling which protects your device from theft. Once your phone is stolen, you can find out its location using the Google Maps. Also, the application while scanning and wiping out the unprotected and unnecessary data, helps up in freeing up the memory space of the device.

GO Backup & Restore Pro

Go Backup

Go Backup is a very essential application that you can use in taking all your device data in your backup. You can backup your contacts, call logs, messages, various other applications and many other essential files of your device. Using the application of Go Backup you can be comfortably backup all your data on your SD card. Often you need such backup methods during formatting your device. After your device has been formatted, you can again restore back your data on your device manually from your SD card.



Facebook has become presently a worldwide known social network that has been connecting people from different parts of the world. So, android apps also consist of an important app of connecting people in the form of Facebook App. Facebook will automatically sync the contacts of your device and will locate people who are using facebook. Now you can start connecting with people, posting your updates, liking or commenting on other’s updates and many more.

UC Browser for Android

Uc Browser

UC Browser is one more important application in the android list that is now used by many of the android device holders. It is an internet browsing service for the android devices and using this particular application you can experience really fast browsing quite similar to as Google Chrome on your desktop.

Google Play Store

Google Play store

Google Play Store is an extremely important and necessary application without which you cannot survive in the android world. All the above mentioned applications of android list are rather pre downloaded on your android device or else you have to download it. Google Play Store is the actual place from where you can download and install all these android applications on your device fast and in simple way. The applications also offer you the service of upgrading your existing applications to get new features and specifications to stay updated.



With the smart phones, you also think of smart photography and this is very much supported by a great photo editing application. In the list of the best android applications, Instagram is such an application that allows you to edit, share, follow and do many other fun things with images.

ES File Explorer

ES File explorer

When you have stuffed your smart phone device with a number of applications, then you must also need a proper application to manage all the installed applications and files properly. So, ES File Explorer is the perfect application for you to take care of all your files and applications in your device.

WhatsApp Messenger

whats app android

After the genre of social networks such as Facebook, now people are getting addicted to the android messaging services. One such service that has become very common and for many people is very important in the android list is WhatsApp. Send text, share audio, video and image files, and many more to stay connected with the dear ones only at the cost of your internet data charges.

Inbox by Gmail


These days email service is an important part of any professional or corporate lifestyle. As smartphones have arrived to make life easier for people, android has kept the email services as an important element so that people do not have to rush to the desktop all the time in their busy schedule to check important mails. The Gmail application will send you notifications each time when you get an email in your inbox and you can check it instantly and also can reply instantly. You can also open attachments and send attachments the same way how you do it from your desktop.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Smartphones have contributed to a great extent to the Go Green campaign. In order to protect wastage of paper, android application Amazon Kindle is a great initiative. It allows you to read various books in the form of e-books. So, you do not have to carry your favorite book or novel or your academic course materials separately when you have all of them in the form of e-books in your device with the help of the application Amazon Kindle.

The above mentioned are just few of the android applications that are being used by thousands of android users, but apart from these also there are a number of other applications that are useful to people. But, of course, yes the above mentioned 10 applications can be said to be the best android applications for your android phone or on any of your android smart devices and gadgets that you should definitely have in.



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