SEO Tips to Publish a New Website

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Once you are plan to publish your own website or blog, you will need SEO to make your web project run successful. SEO can maximize your site ranking in the search engines and assist you to grow traffic to particular site. Here we have discussed some essential steps for the web developers who want to publish a new site from scratch with Seo tips.


  • Startup Strategy:

While designing a new website, you will have to make a strategy depending upon other competing web pages and competitive keywords and phrases. You will have to start up by observing the authority of the competitive companies or web pages that take hold of the top 5 spots, along with their link thresholds.


  • Target Keywords:

Your strategy will be to develop and conduct a consistent keyword search. Since, this is a long term job, so you will be targeting keywords initially, and then you will be building up a list of competitive keywords for your website architecture and design. In the next step, you will have to establish the link structure and off page SEO strategy.


  • Traffic Segmentation:

A good SEO approach will be to segment the traffic to your site by captivating the content that is infused with overtones of similar data. Instead of one-size-fits-all approach, offer a particular conversion of data per page. For this purpose, you will have to consolidate the information, the images and the action calls. A better approach is to design web pages with multiple keywords for each data variation. Use singular, plural and relevant keywords in the header, meta tags and meta descriptions.


  • Internal Link Building:

You have to power up your site’s links to other websites by following the co-occurrence strategy of relevant keywords. If you intend for a specific keyword that exists on other webpage, build up internal links of the subsequent pages to that particular page with the variation in keyword for desired ranking.


  • WordPress CMS Platform:

To design a SEO website, one of the best approaches will be to develop the site on WordPress CMS platform. It is a user friendly web-designing platform that offers integrated SEO functionality along with number of themes and plug-ins to design a professional site.


  • WordPress permalink settings:

While designing your site on WordPress platform, activate the SEO friendly settings in the permalink. WordPress SEO plug-in by Yoast can be easily configured for your site. It allows you to set titles and meta for your blog posts, web pages, and media. It automatically updates all the posts according to the title template and the description and other fields are kept blank for you to fill in.

  • Website Architecture:

Flat architecture of the site helps in building the relevant pages for the root folder and matching the target names and conventions in the structure of the url.


  • Updated Content:

To develop the authority of your site for search engines and site visitors, you have to update the content on your site on regular basis. This approach will stimulate your audience to the site. Publish content for particular visitors like businessmen, corporate etc. Add optimized meta titles and description for each updated content accordingly.


  • Long Tail Keywords:

Keywords that comprise of at-least 3 words determine the maximum traffic to the site. So you have to pay full attention to long tails. Keep testing the metrics of the site, build up a log and make variations in the keywords accordingly.


  • Google Analytics Tracking Tool:

To monitor the traffic to your site, install the Google analytics tracking tool. It will help you to analyze your audience and you can track the activity of the audience to your site.




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