Dell bridges gap between laptop and notebook with the Dell XPS 13 2015

dell xps 13 2015 review

CES 2015 recently was flooded with a wide range of latest products in the Laptop sector, from all the top brands across the globe. Yet, the product that had all eyes glued to it was the Dell XPS 13 (2015). The show saw the maximum variety and growth in sections of design, technological advancement, consumer preference and increased utility. The Dell XPS not only excelled in all these different sectors, but also guaranteed the top spot when it came to innovation and futuristic features.

dell xps 13 2015 review

Well what is this buzz about the XPS 13? Let us evaluate.

In case that you are looking through the market for something new and something exciting in the tech front, something that is sure to grab your eye balls is the XPS 13, by Dell. This window’s laptop is both small and light, taking it closest to any notebook, unlike other bulkier laptop variants. If you are looking for a laptop that has a small screen and is easy to carry around but is advanced enough to meet with every requirement you have, the XPS 13, has all the rights to be on the top of your list.

Though there are many other variants in this category, the XPS 13 is without a doubt way ahead than the others in respect to its performance and speed. Do not judge the performance of the system with its size. It is small, speedy and light, the holy trinity of all tech lovers.  With so many aspects working in for the computer, there is no dearth in mind, why it had people cueing behind it for a glance at CES 2015.

Other than the immediately noticeable features mentioned above, this finalist to the Best of CES Awards is laden with other qualities that help it stand out.

  • This is without a doubt the first of the laptops that come with Intel’s very new and advances 5th generation core processor.
  • The battery life is more than average and will last you a few hours before it needs recharging.
  • The bezel free screen allows the device to own the foot print of an 11 inch laptop that is barely noticeable in any other machine in the race.

One thing about the laptop that needs a bit of tweaking is its touchpad that should be just fine after some expert consideration.

With tech freaks dying to get their hands on it, the laptop has already reached various desks for scrutiny and the reviews that are to follow, with the major portion of them being only positives. Priced at a reasonable $800 for the starting range, it is quickly becoming a favourite to not only users but also the industry critics.


  1. It looks like a great little laptop for traveling around, and using for simple tasks. Basically everything the average PC user would do. When I look at it from my viewpoint as a programmer/advanced PC user I don’t see much in it. The 5th generation Intel processor is great, but most of these small, sleek little laptops do not last very long. Also, it’s memory is lacking; 4gb RAM and a 128gb SSD is not enough to do really anything, compared to some more powerful laptops. For example, the MSI Ghost has 16gb RAM 1tb HDD and 128gb SSD. It is only 1399 for that model; a more expensive model even features a 4k screen.
    My point is that this laptop is great for document creation, browsing, and all the other essential tasks a computer can do, but if you want to do more than simple you’ll have to upgrade.


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